Bent But Not Broken!

published on Thursday, 10 August 2017

Hi Guys!

So I follow BeyondACurvedSpine on instagram and they're a group of Nigerian scoliosis survivors that engage in various activities to create awareness about the condition and also enlighten Nigerians about living with scoliosis.

What's scoliosis?

Well scoliosis describes an abnormal, side to side curvature of the spine. 

As avid readers know, I have scoliosis and I try to, most times, be grateful and not sulk about it.

I was on instagram a while ago and I stumbled on a post from BeyondACurvedSpine about this young girl, Julia, who went on Britain's Got Talent with her dance team just before she was to go in for a major surgery to correct her scoliosis.

And guess what?

She killed it! 

She was awesome! 

And then it dawned on me; I'm always down and out some times when I realise that I have scoliosis, but here's this girl breaking boundaries and recording successes one step at a time.

Plus I hear Simon Cowell is thinking of giving her 78,000 pounds for her surgery!

How great is this?

I guess what I'm trying to say to myself and to you guys is to always make lemonade when life gives you lemons!

Don't be a glass half empty kind of person. Look out for the fullness of the glass!

When life deals you bad cards, don't sulk and be a big baby about it. Make the most of it!

Always be optimistic and never pessimistic.

Lots of love always!