Woman Crush: Jemima Osunde!

published on Friday, 14 July 2017

Hi Guys,

So I am presently working on the MTV Shuga project. 

For those of us that haven't been privy to the internet or Shuga itself, MTV Shuga is a hit TV show that focuses on sexual health amongst youth across Africa. The show this week announced its return to Nigeria after a season in South Africa with cast members, Timini Egbuson, Jemima Osunde and Sharon Ezeamaka.

As part of the announcement, we had to do radio interviews and TV interviews and then I got to meet the cast members. Like actually know them.

You know it's one thing to follow people on instagram or meet them in person but to actually listen to them speak about their interests and passions actually helps you get to know them.

Listening to all three returning cast members speak, gave me a little insight into who they really are and I realised that Jemima Osunde is uber intelligent. Not that Timini or Sharon aren't but Jemima blew me away.

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The budding actress whose career kicked off with Africa Magic but spiked with MTV Shuga season 3 is also a medical student at the University of Lagos.

The way she spoke so passionately about the show and related issues showed her depth and intelligence and I was impressed. Plus who successfully combines a rising acting career with medical school?

A strong woman of course!

And that's exactly who Jemima Osunde is.

We haven't become friends or anything, but I'm awe-inspired by who she is and how she carries herself. Plus she's beautiful too!

I'm a big fan of stunning women who are intelligent, career-driven and aren't scared to show the world who they are!

So yeah, my woman crush is Jemima Osunde!

Lots of love!