Warning: Lots Of Backtalk Here!

published on Monday, 3 April 2017


For a young woman in her early 20s, I had not, till 2013, heard of scoliosis. So hearing a doctor tell me, after a routine x-ray before my masters programme, that I had scoliosis was like pouring ice cold water on me. I was mostly terrified and felt like I could't even go through with the programme. This was all within the few minutes after the doctor sat me down to give me the news. 

I have always not had that banging figure. I have always had back aches but I just never put the two together. I just always assumed I was part of the unlucky percentage of the female population that just would never look like an hour glass. 

I had already come to terms with it, but hearing I had scoliosis - a bent back bone, was shocking to put it mildly. 

I spoke to one of my closest friends about it, a while back, and he introduced me to an online platform called "Beyond A Curved Spine".


I was going through the platform when I noticed a post by someone I knew, Tomilola Sola-Idowu. We went to the same secondary school and our mums are friends so you can imagine my shock when I found out that she too has scoliosis. 

I used to always look at her as perfect. Light skinned with a great body. Nothing was imperfect about her, but then she has scoliosis and I thought, "ok, maybe this isn't such a bad thing".

She shared her story and funnily, our stories are quite similar. 

I thought to share with you, hopefully this helps someone in the same situation. 

Check it out below,

"I remember being slanted in high school, but my mum said it was nothing and that it was simply because I carried a lot of books in my bag and it was weighing one side of my body down. I remember doing a routine x-ray before I got into the Law School and noticed how my ribs were slanted as well. The Doctor paid no attention, told me it was nothing – the x-ray did not even show my spinal cord – just my ribs, and he said it was nothing. I remember having serious back pains in high school but they always associated it with me playing rough in school (because I was quite the “ruffian”). 
Two years ago, the Immigration laws changed and I was obliged to do a couple of tests before entering the UK and one of them was an x-ray to check my chest for tuberculosis. I remember them calling out the names of people and everyone was getting their results. But they did not call my name. I proceeded to ask the nurse for my result and she told me that the Doctor wanted to see me. I literally had chills down my spine. A million things went through my mind. I remember doing an HIV test once and they gave everyone their results except this one guy. We all know what it means when they give everyone their results but you. I kept thinking; “Why did the Doctor want to see me? Why me? Did I have tuberculosis? But I was not coughing? Abi, can they see HIV on x-ray? Is this a new something? Tomi, don’t be silly”. This was probably the longest walk to the Doctor’s office (it was just two doors down). 

The Doctor sat me down and asked “do you know you have scoliosis?” I was like I don’t know what scoliosis is. She showed me my X-ray result and for the first time I saw it, the curve in my spine – it was like the letter “C”. I asked why my spinal cord was not straight and she said – I don’t know, it’s idiopathic. How long have I had this for? She said, probably 8-10years now. I said well, I can walk and do anything I want to do, trying to brush off the news I had just received. The Doctor informed me that it may have no effect on me now because I am young and healthy, but it may become a problem when I am older and or pregnant. Did you know that most pregnant women with scoliosis are more prone to having a C-section?
I discussed my options with the Doctor and she stated that if I had discovered earlier, I could have gotten braces to correct it. But my best option now is surgery. I have decided not to have surgery because I am not going to mess with my spinal cord. However, I would not be here if I had insisted on going to the hospital earlier. There’s no known 100% cure for scoliosis. The only cure I know is EARLY DETECTION. So look out for the signs of scoliosis – look at your back – look at your children’s back – look at your siblings’ back. I guess scoliosis is a bigger reminder to all of us to just WATCH OUR BACKS. "

Lots of love!