What's The Best Decision You Took In 2016?

published on Tuesday, 24 January 2017

I woke up this morning to a hilarious video of my boss having the time of his life at the Obangogo carnival in Kogi state during his vacation last year.

What To Do About The Incessant Issue of Alms

published on Friday, 20 January 2017

I was driving through traffic the other day and I realised that the number of beggars on the streets have increased. I didn't find it disturbing but I found it alarming. How many beggars can you give money to? How many people can you actually sufficiently help?

At first I resorted to blame the economy and even the government. But looking for who or what to put blame on won't help these poor souls. I read this post from my colleague Tobi and it sort of spoke my mind on this issue. I thought to, as usual, share it with you guys!


This respect-your-elders syndrome is killing us!

published on

I love the fact that everyday I get to work with some fantastic minds. A lot of my colleagues are young creative lords that will never seize to speak their minds and as such I thought I'd start to share with you guys a few of their musings because I just think a lot more people should read their thoughts!

Without much ado, here's NJ's piece on "This respect-your-elders syndrome" that's "killing us" in Nigeria.