Pookie's Musings: "... And Then, I Met You"

published on Wednesday, 30 November 2016

I haven't written a poem or a semblance of such in a while, but today as I was writing the post on Aramide, I thought, "why not try to write one and see how it goes?" 

Anyone up for a poetry freestyle? 

Read and judge gently! lol

It's been a minute
since I felt that spark
I thought I had reached my limit
thought that vehicle had finally parked
till you came along
like a breath of fresh air
you are a new song
one I thought was too good to be true
one that made me wonder what I did to deserve you.

but then I look back to the years that have been
how I have gone through all sorts of emotions
how full that well is, to the brim
how quickly made, our connection
I smile as I get to know you
because just our conversing is enough confirmation
That God hasn't forgotten me but he's done and can do
extremely and abundantly above, all and any of my expectations.

I guess I haven't lost it after all!

-Love Always.