Introducing: BHM Guide to Public Relations!

published on Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Hi Guys!

It's been forever! I know! I apologise!

Work has been getting in the way but it's been great and I feel more than fulfilled.

Plus, guess what guys! I put together a book! Well my boss and I did! And I'm super excited about it. I'm super proud too!

It's one thing to go to school to learn the craft, it's another to actually do the work! But to curate content to teach others the profession? That's a whole nother ball game! 

I'm super grateful for the opportunity! (I know I've used the word super so many times already! But I'm excited!) 

The book is called "BHM Guide to Public Relations" and it has a thing or two for people in PR and the media and also students and enthusiasts! If you love PR like I do, you'll love the book!

You can download it here.

-Love Always!