published on Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Y'all know Oyindamola Bamgbola is one of my favourite writers at the moment right? Well, since it took me a while to get back to you guys, my first loves, I saved this article she wrote on the Linda Ikeji and Wizkid fight.

I really didn't want to get into the fight because it seemed silly and beneath people who actually had things to do with their time but I just had to share Oyinda's article with you guys.


"On April 2, 2016, Linda Ikeji posted an exclusive story on how the much loved Nigerian artiste, Wizkid had been given quit notice at his Lagos residence….

Linda carried on like it was nothing and posted a photo of her and her Fendi bag much later on Instagram.

Apparently, Linda had raised hell with her ‘exclusive quit notice’ post on Wizkid.

Wizkid wasn’t about to let any blogger ruin the image he had worked so hard to build so he dropped a bomb on Linda Ikeji’s Saturday Instagram post after a couple of his fans had tagged him in the photo.

To ‘clear the air’ about her sleeping with his director, Linda Ikeji replied Wizkid…

Then Wizkid responded on Snapchat…

Now, Wizkid’s comment about Linda Ikeji being “nothing but a blogger” is somehow.

On this digital marketing side of life, bloggers are important. Eyes became open to the great opportunities that existed to marketing on the Internet thanks to blogging. Blogging has become the foundation of great content writing in the world.

These days, 200 worded articles make and break celebrities and ‘powerful’ people in the society.

From the entertainment angle, artistes are primary influencers of behaviour, asides producing music. This is why brand ambassadorship has become a major means of marketing brands and businesses; communicators understand that artistes and other entertainers are natural thought shapers and role models.

Both bloggers and artistes are important.