Pookie's Rants: Listen!

published on Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My friends have, for a while now, been going on and on about how angry I am or how much I bottle things up. So I thought to just come on here and not only share my thoughts with you guys as usual but to start a segment of the blog where I could just air out any nonsense. I guess I basically just want to rant. So yeah, here's the first of many Pookie's Rants!

It's not until recently that I realised that so many people do not listen in conversations. I, for a week or two towards the end of last year, decided to conduct a social experiment on anybody I got to have a conversation with, just to see if they actually did listen to everything I had to say and I realised that most times they had what I tagged "selective hearing" i.e. choosing to listen to that which concerns or interests them. Don't get me wrong people listen, but only to a point. I like to think that everybody hears, but only a few listen all the time.

This got me thinking if I was actually like that and I made a conscious effort to take time out to listen to everything a person had to say before giving my input.

So yeah, a few people might relate with this and others might not but the fact still remains that some people just don't listen.

What then, really, is the point in talking?

.P.S. I just realised that I say "so" a lot! (Only avid readers would notice) Lol!