Worth over hurt ...

published on Sunday, 29 November 2015

Of late I have come to realize that not only have I neglected you my blog readers but I have also neglected my friends.

I try most times to make up for it but, the better half of the time, life gets in the way.

On the train back to Sheffield some weeks ago, I thought to myself how annoying my friends are but how much I cherish them. My graduation was in a few weeks and even with everything that was happening, they all sent in their love and support through messages, prayers and even gifts.

This made me think to myself of how lucky I am to have them. I was even thinking and figuring out to myself what each person has in their own way, and in our friendship, taught me and I came up with this list. I decided to code their names to specific things we share just for the fun of it! lol! And also so my readers can learn one or two things! 

So there's ...
  • CEO who has taught me self-believe and self-worth
  • Bubble-buster who has taught me humility
  • OBO who has taught me drive
  • Yellow who has taught me to stand for what I believe in
  • PDD who has taught me faith and spiritual strength
  • Wunj who has taught me passion
  • Damoo who has taught me to embrace change 
  • Mammie who has taught me hard work and good cheer
  • Soul sister who has taught me good carriage and sternness
  • Minter who has taught me love and strength in distance
  • Nims who has taught me patience
  • Jumscoco who has taught me courage
  • MUA who has taught me humor
  • Jay who has taught me determination

With each and every one of them I have had ups and downs. Our friendships aren't perfect but I have learnt to look through it all and appreciate the love and support, because trust me, they don't have to be great friends, they choose to be.

I know most of you will wonder why this post but honestly I didn't realize the point of this post till I got to this point while writing it.


My message basically to you guys is to not follow the trends. Don't go picking friends because they're popular or because they follow the Norms or any random superficial reason. Make friends with people that will be there for you in times of need and even in times of greed! Lol!

I know friends that will have a £100 but will still give me £90. I have friends that won't keep calm about something till they've heard what I have to say about or how I feel about it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying your friends must worship you but your friends should be people of substance, people you can both learn something from and impact.

There's no point in having chill buddies who will desert you when you're in dire need.

Don't be in a hurry too because it took me years, numerous lost friends, tears and heartaches to get to where I am today. I have had friends that have walked out on me and I've dumped but still I rose with the strongest of people by my side.

I don't even call them friends anymore, I call them family. We cry together, we laugh together. We go broke together ... trust me, we've done it all together and I honestly can't wait for the rest of my life with them.

Who are your friends?

(P.S. I chose the poster of my favorite TV show for this post! Lol!)