It's not just about you...

published on Sunday, 29 November 2015

Have you ever heard that statement before? 

"It's not just about you!"?

I'm sure most of us have. 

Don't worry, I also can relate.
It's kind of hard to go through life without going through that selfish stage. We are human beings and our first instinct is to protect and provide for ourselves before any other thing. But I have come to learn that life really isn't about you alone. 

God taught Adam this lesson by giving him Eve. Can you imagine how life would be if you're the only human being on earth? How lonely and hollow this place called earth will be?

Anybody that knew me growing up would know that I was pretty selfish as a child and this was because I was an only child for a while and the first grandchild from my mum's side so I used to practically get everything handed to me. But that was till I met the human being I call my little sister. Life changed and boy did I get a wake up call because she turned out to be the most stubborn and strong-willed person I know, till date. She was really a rude awakening. I will never forget my mum telling me; "Eni, you have to share!"

Fast forward to high school and Uni, I had to learn how to, before making any steps, think about who else apart from me, my actions would affect and who was benefiting from them. I learnt how to care for others and myself included. I learnt how to love with not just mere words but also actions. And even though along the line I met people that shook my conviction of not being so selfish, I have seen the rewards that come from loving and being there for others.

Even I didn't know the lesson these experiences taught me, till a few days ago when my mum sent me some baby pictures and memories came flooding back. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from perfect, but I'm closer to perfect than I was before. 

I know somebody will ask me why I'm going down this route today, let's just say that I felt the need to send this message to someone. It might be at work, or in your relationship, or with family; think of what effects your actions have on people before and when you make them. 

I know we are all in a hurry to live our lives and make full use of the 24 hours provided to us but do not forget to along the way live, love and laugh. Don't forget that some things if not all the things you do might affect someone somewhere in some type of way, be it positive or negative. Basically, do not be selfish. 

God didn't put you in this life for you and you alone. 

I wouldn't lie, when people do some things that affect me, I just stop to think that; "why didn't this person think of me before taking this action?", "why doesn't this person love me enough to see that this will hurt me in some type of way?". But then I remember the wise words of my grandfather and my mother, "not everybody will behave the way you want them to or the way you would in that situation. We are all human beings and we are not perfect. That person might have a reason for doing what he or she has done".

I have learnt however, and I am still learning, not to give people that power to affect my emotions with their actions because human beings will always be human beings so the earlier you learn that hurt will always come and tune your happiness and satisfaction to God alone, you'll be fine. 

So I guess my message for you guys today is to treat people, how you want to be treated. Don't feed people bullshit if you can't take bullshit and basically; love your neighbor as yourself. 

Don't take just my word for it, The Bible says so too!