published on Monday, 28 September 2015

Hi guys!

It's been a while. I promise I didn't forget about you guys, I just haven't had anything to blog about. Well today everything changed when I read my friend's post on her blog. It really resonated with me and I thought to share it with you guys.

Enjoy it:

"I’ve always wondered why things excite me for only a short while. The joy that comes with a new achievement is usually somewhat,  short lived! One moment I’m basking in euphoria, chilling in Upendi!  Literally skating on cloud 9 and the next, I find myself wanting more. What seemed like a great accomplishment a few days ago then seems like just another puzzle solved. The excitement slips away to become just an assignment completed. Nothing to it. I then yearn for more, go in search of a new conquest in order to feed my want! Something to bring me joy…. The search for happiness doesnt ever end now does it?…

As a young child I really never had my dad around like other kids did and this left quite a vacuum as I grew older. Yes I felt incomplete but I never really noticed that I had been busy looking for a father in every Harry that came my way. It took me almost 10 years to realise I had been searching for a father that wasn’t lost and even worst, in the wrong places- in mortals.

Now merging both! I had always been searching for something. I knew I needed something so I tried to Find It, anyway I could.  In all sincerity,  I didn’t know what it was but I searched anyways. This went on for years until Christ found me. It was then I found true joy. Sounds like a campaign yea but mehn, Christ truly makes the difference. I found out that He had been the missing link all the while. It was Jesus I needed- He is Love and joy, happiness, fulfilment are all outpours of His immense love.

Truth be told, I get carried away sometimes. I tend to tie my happiness to a few material things or humans from time to time but when the happiness begins to fade away, I’m reminded that there’s never true happiness outside Jesus Christ. We go in search of happiness outside Christ when in Him there’s eternal joy, love and peace.

I’m gradually learning daily to let my joy come from and solely depend on Christ. Let Jesus be the reason for my excitement. I’m growing to realise that humans, no matter how close or how much they love you, will always fail you. I’d disappoint you too, its normal darling! Its life and no, you haven’t been cursed. You are just on planet earth. But you see this Jesus Christ will never fail you. When you put your trust in no one else but Jesus Christ He gives you nothing less than true joy.

With Jesus Love
-IyunadeOLUWA♥ "