The Youngins' Takeover!

published on Thursday, 9 July 2015


So I was sitting down some minutes ago listening to Orente by Adekunle Gold and then Ibadi by Niniola and Jamb Question by Simi came to my mind. So I thought, "why not blog about three of my favourite young Nigerian artistes?"

They might not be known to most people but to me, they are everything! And I feel my readers have to share in that same love! They also use my favourite language, Yoruba, in their tracks. So you can imagine my love for them! lol! 

What even makes them more interesting for me is the fact that they make my gist sensors tingle.Y'all know how I feel about gist now?! lol! 

Ok, let me explain myself! 

I've been listening to Simi's songs, and I've been a huge fan, since I got into Uni some years ago. So when I noticed Simi and Adekunle had a thing, I took special interest! I wasn't sure if they were dating but their instagram accounts showed signs of it! lol! And trust me now, I was on them like a hawk. 


Unfortunately for me, however, the signs reduced after the release of Sade and Adekunle's signing with YBNL. They stopped posting pictures on-line just when I thought they were going to develop to be my best couple in Nigerian music. They crushed my expectations! lol! 

(I know, I can be dramatic! lol!) 

But they left me and other fans with something and that's the fact that we get to hear their vocals on each other's songs in the background. So I guess we fans can take whatever we get! lol!

(Only serious fans will notice this! and Yes! I'm a creep! lol!) 

Back to my blog post, before amebo kills me! lol!

Their music is like a breath of fresh air from what is out there right now in Nigeria. Apart from gospel music, they, Asa, Brymo, K9, IBK Spaceshipboi, Cobhams Asuquo, Saeon, Fefe and Timi Dakolo bring me serenity and calmness! 

Enjoy some of their videos and tracks I posted below;

Ibadi - Niniola

Sade - Adekunle Gold

Tiff - Simi

Gbowode - Niniola

Orente - Adekunle Gold

Jamb Question - Simi

Soke - Niniola