In total awe of Mrs Funto Ibuoye!

published on Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I'm on here, second time in a few days! You're not dreaming! lol!

I guess I just really have gist for you guys! lol!

So, yeah, I stumbled on Mrs Funto Ibuoye a few months back when she got married and it was her story that caught my attention. She and her husband got married as virgins. Imagine! She was a 24 year old virgin! Not that 24 yr old virgins are hard to find, but the fact that even her husband was a virgin too, at 28, just shocked me. Are there still guys like that out there?

That wasn't even the only thing that shocked me. Funto is a product of a broken relationship but she still managed to turn out perfect with God as her centrepiece. She also went to my secondary school, so imagine my shock as I was going through her story and social media pages. I was in total awe. Funto is an inspiration. From not just marrying as a virgin or being an inspirational young Christian, but she also has a project called "Beautified", and is a co-convener of LACE (Ladies after Christ’s Example) where she mentors young ladies and helps them with issues they face, through programs and inspirational talks. She is also a brand management/marketing professional with an international beauty company. So she does a lot of things at a time but she does it gracefully. This just goes to show that when God puts a vision into your heart, nothing can stop or hold you back! 

So well, yesterday, Funto was on TV doing an interview on her life and on her projects. She seemed a bit nervous, as I would be if I was on TV, but all her answers were so intelligent and spot on that I just fell in love with her all over again.

So yeah, I love Heather Lindsey, but my idol for this week has to be Mrs Funto Ibuoye! I'm in love with what she stands for and I believe every young woman can learn a thing or two from her.

I put her TV interview below.


You could also visit Funto's blog here!

And oh yeah, Happy new month you guys! Welcome to the month of JUNE!

Have a fab week and a wonderful month ahead!