Be patient, your peak time is in view!

published on Wednesday, 24 June 2015


I was watching some videos on Patricia Bright's youtube channel about how she blossomed from the ugly friend to the very vivacious Patricia she is today. She spoke about teenagers being patient and taking the time out to enjoy the lives they are living right now. And then I thought, "this is an awesome topic to blog about today. Why not do that?" Lol!


In her Youtube videos she spoke about being "the ugly friend" growing up and I thought, "OMG! I so know what that felt like". Growing up, I had the biggest head ever because of my huge forehead! I hated my forehead and was very shy and insecure because of it. I never believed I would grow into it. I have of late just grown to be confident in it. I used to always do hairstyles that would cover it up. I was also very skinny. So you could just imagine the combo. It was ridiculous. 

But glory be to God, as I got older, things changed and have continued to change. Someone even said to me once that; "You're so pretty, you don't know what the rest of us go through". I was literally confused and dumbfounded because I grew up being the "ugly duckling", "ugly friend", "big head" ... Name it, I've been called it! lol!

So yeah, I'm forever grateful to God that the ugly duckling has become the beautiful swan! lol!

My message for you guys today, especially my young teenage readers, is to just be patient. Everything blooms in it's own time. God has created us all in His image and your peak point is in view. Why not just enjoy your life in anticipation of it?

I've posted the videos from Patricia's channel below! Watch them and enjoy;

"He has made everything beautiful in its time". Ecclesiastes 3:11