I am my mother!

published on Friday, 29 May 2015

I remember when I was growing up, and my mother would scold me or refuse to let me do something and I'd utter the words; "I will not be like my mother in future, she's too mean!"

As I got older and thought I was becoming mature, my mum would forever remind me that I was still a child to her and she had seen more and learnt more from life than I could fathom in my growing little brain.

Yesterday, I was thinking about my mum and how much all the things she taught me, made me do, and forced me not to; made me into the young woman I am today. My friend, Tolu, asked me about something and the answer I uttered; had my mum written all over it. I was shocked. I realized I am slowly becoming a version of her.

I was talking to my mum, a while ago, and she said the same thing about my grandma. She said she tried so hard to not become her, she became what she perceived to be a better version of her.

It was then I realized that becoming my mum is not only inevitable but it's something to not be ashamed of, because she is a wonderful person. Selfless, loyal, honest, ever loving and ever fighting for what she believes in; she will never take nonsense from anybody. 

I have, however of late, decided to take a page from her book. Knowing that becoming like her is inevitable, I have decided to become a better version of her. Which is sometimes hard because she is perfect, flaws and all.

So well, yeah, this post is for, we, young women out there. Becoming like your mum isn't such a bad thing. Take a page from my mum's book and become an even better version. Because, in the end, you want to be perfect to your own daughter. Why don't you improve on the foundation your mum has laid down for you?

Have a wonderful weekend guys! I know I will considering the fact that we have a new president in Nigeria! lol!