ME...with all my strokes and colours

published on Thursday, 9 April 2015

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Hi guys!

It's been a while, I know. 

I'm sorry for not being very frequent on here. School can really take over one's life! *sigh*

Today I have a very important topic to disscuss with y'all. I honestly don't know what I'd call it till I'm done typing this, so just go along with me.

A very good friend of mine (yes, I have a range-load full of great friends.....see what I did there? lol), today, told me that he wanted to start writing. Yes, even I sometimes wonder why they all come to me when it comes to the issue of writing (lol). He asked me to give him a topic to write about. I couldn't think of anything off the top of my head so I told him to write about me. Being the bully that he is, I thought he'd just tease me and joke about it, but he actually wrote about me. I read his piece and thought; "damn, Is this who I really am?....Is this what he sees me as?" 

He was so ridiculously spot on, it scared me. "Strong at heart", "never seeming to want to fail at anything", "slow to anger", "quick to love", ambitious", were a few quotes from his piece that just got me thinking. I always doubt myself, thinking that who I am, or what I am really isn't my best or good enough. I am still learning to accept me for who I am. 

When I sent this piece to two of my other dear friends, they affirmed what was in it and the clause; "an ardent, virtuous, proponent of versatility" was born. I most times in a bid to not blow my own trumpet, belittle myself. I even on some of those occasions call it humility. But a few weeks ago while reading a post on Tomilola Sola-Idowu's blog, I realized that, that really isn't termed humility. She, like me, never understood how to come off as humble without belittling one's self.

Her words; "I felt like the concept of humility tells us we need to shrink ourselves", made me think of myself. From her post and life in general, I have and am still learning how to accept myself. Not just because my friends think I am wonderful, flaws and all, but because even God thinks so too. Let me explain why I say so. I am of the opinion that if I am created in His image, I definitely must and should be superb. (Note: no pride here, just genuine belief in God's presence in my life)

My message basically for you guys today, is to accept yourself for who you are. I am not talking about your physical features, because you go beyond, waaay beyond, that. That body is only temporary. Never forget that. I am talking about who you really are, (permit me to go deep here); your personality, your person, your soul, your spirit....

From my friend's piece and the comments of my other two friends, I quickly picked up on what I was lacking and areas I could improve on, whilst still appreciating my strengths. I am essentially encouraging you guys to  look inwards. 

In fact, get in front of a mirror, truly analyze yourself. 

Do you like who you are?
Do you like what you represent?
Are you living the life you truly want to live?
If the tape of your life is played for everyone to watch, would you be proud of it?

Evaluate yourself, find out your weak spots, places you need to improve on and work on them. A popular saying I read somewhere goes thus, We are all works of art. You just have to work on your colours and strokes. 

Even the Wale Adenuga shows we used to watch back in the day ended with the quote; "We are all nothing, but pencils in the hands of the creator".

Have a wonderful weekend guys....

and yes, I'll call this piece; "ME...with all my strokes and colours"!!!!