"Distractions: the fight to be disciplined" - Heather Lindsey

published on Friday, 24 April 2015

Hi guys!


I can't wait to share this with you guys! You know that feeling of excitement, when you have gist for your friends and you can't wait to spill! Like, I'm like that at the moment! I'm so elated! lol

Ok, let me spill!

So some weeks back, I found Heather Lindsey on instagram, and my gosh, I knew I had hit jackpot!

She is such a blessing to me and to everybody who listens to her and is blessed by her ministration. She has the most inspiring story and is to me one of the most fashionable pastor's wives around. She also has the cutest family. Her husband Cornelius is blissful to listen to and her son Logan is too cute! Plus she is pregnant and expecting a baby girl in a few weeks! (I hardly know her, but I'm super excited for her!) They make me want to get married and have kids! Y'all know how I am about love (covers face! lol).

Anyways, enough stalking and gist. Let's get to the point of this post. I was or have been struggling with discipline and distractions in almost all aspects of my life these past few weeks and I woke up this morning to a post from Heather on instagram about a live chat video on her YouTube channel on "Distractions: the fight to be disciplined"! 

Imagine my excitement when I saw this. I rushed straight to her YouTube channel. 

Can you guys see how God works? 

He speaks to you through others. You just have to be ready and willing to listen!

I watched the video and was indeed charged to make a change in my life. I am eternally grateful to Heather for the video. 

I put the video down below and I hope you enjoy it.

Have a wonderful weekend you guys! Ciao!