Bants of the Soul Maverick

published on Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Heeeey guys!!

I'm so excited to introduce this new series to y'all! 

One of my "bestest" friends in this universe (Yes, not just the world! lol) decided to grace me with his writing skills and I knew I had to share it with you guys! I read this piece and knew I'd be hooked on consequent ones! 

I hope you guys love it as much as I do. I know y'all will!

 Without much ado, here's; Bants of the Soul Maverick!

The clock seemed especially slow that thursday, I kept looking from my Audemar Piguet to the 6+ screen to Timex Limited Edition wall clock hanging right above the office door. My fingers drumming on the polished oak table to the annoyance of my secetary. Today was the day, her flight must have landed about 4 hours ago and by now she'd be home settled. I wanted to call so bad but I was busy forming hard guy.
A discreet knock on the office brought me back to earth. It was my friend Ishola who works in the vicinity. "Guy how far? She don land?" He Said "She suppose, I never call am, I bin busy for office" I replied.
"You dey craze! Na me you dey form busy for?" He laughed "You wey go don dey look clock since.smh! Better swallow pride and ring her.Anyways me dey go meet the boys for Sharpners, later"
"Ok na.Later fam" I said.
Thats it! I said to myself, reaching for my phone and lo & behold Wale's Bad rang out.That was my ringtone for her. I paused for a nano-second, took a deep breathe and waited a few seconds before thumb-sliding to the right.
"hey" I said,in my deepest Vin Diesel cool voice.
"Heeeey" she replied "So I just got credit now, I had no naira on me else woulda called you since"
"Nah it's cool" I replied "I've been swamped with work myself else I shoulda dropped you a rang, how was your flight?"
"Annoying, the airport here was so hot I felt like stripping down" She replied
Instantly my perverse mind drew a mental picture of that, down to that cute little birthmark she had right ontop of the pelvic bone.
"And you best get your mind out of the gutter"  I heard her laugh. I chuckled and said  "Well you know we like it dirty"
"Oh yes we do!" She agreed with that cute laugh. "so, you stopping by tonight ?"
"Oh you betcha" I replied "I'd be there 8-ish, let me just round off here and get into that mad traffic."
"Awwwn my baby,Pele" She said "Don't worry I promise to make it worth your while when you get here"

I could instantly feel a tightening around my pants "be careful what you promise darl" I choked out,voice all laden with anticipation
She laughed and said "Ashawo boy, sha do fast and come, gotta go now,I think Popc is back"
"Lool, ok darl,see you in a bit" I hung up
"Fola!" I screamed, "oya pack my bag, iMac and iPad, i'm leaving"
"Oga but those Dr.Manger people are to come pick the samples today and you said you wanted to explain to them" Fola said
"Choi! That's true o.Wo tell them I had an emergency and I'll speak to Mr.Rajesh on the phone." I said as I walked into the production room to leave instructions for the next day, I definately knew my working week had ended.
Fifteen minutes later I was doing 90 on the freeway, weaving through traffic like I was Paul Walker and singing along to The Weeknd's "Earned It" at the top of my voice (And yes,I do have an extremely horrible voice). Another twenty minutes and I was stuck in traffic at Oworon, usually this particular traffic bottle neck made me mad but apparently nothing could dampen my spirits today. Inching along and singing with so much joy,this time to J.Holiday's "Bed", I had this weird feeling the person in the car next to me was staring. I turned my head to stare back and prolly make a nutty gesture only to be stunned and in that instant my eyes were off the road I hit the danfo ahead of me. I was still in shock to even be bothered about the damage to my Lexus LS 370, cause driving the midnight blue low slung SL600 was Aduké, who was,last I heard working with the United Nations in New York. Aduké, the one time love of my life and controller of my mumu buttons!!!

......To Be continued!