Seek Ye First......

published on Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I was reading Open Heavens yesterday morning and the reading for the day touched a part of me that I never really realized. I knew I had to write something on the blog.

So many of us are too engrossed with meeting other needs that we leave our spirituality hungry, even I am guilty. I still, up till now, don't know how to balance my life. Getting up most mornings, I almost neglect the reason why I even got up in the first place and go about my daily routine. It's such an ungrateful act. 

The Bible tells us to seek God's kingdom and His righteousness and all these other things shall be added unto us. He's the one that put all those other things in place and He can take them all away. Nothing is as important as He is.

I remember talking to a friend of mine and we were discussing on how to get rid of writer's block. Y'all know what it is now, when you just can't write anything? Well avid readers would have noticed that I haven't been writing much of late. I've just been stagnant. Even I have noticed.

My friend asked me what I think a possible solution would be. the only thing I could come up with was to be at peace with one's self, do what makes you happy and the thoughts would just flow. He then asked me what brought me peace, what made me genuinely happy. The only thing I could come up with was talking to God.

I realised that when I pray or am crying to God about issues in my life, I feel at home, I feel like myself. When I am singing praises and worship to Him I feel genuinely elated, like a heavy load has been lifted from me and words just tend to flow.

I've been on this earth for over 20years and I haven't till today realized why I thought Matt. 6:33 was special.

"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33"

We need to understand who our source is, what He is capable of and what a wonderful relationship with Him can bring us. I know for sure most of us don't neglect our relationships with our fathers, grandfathers, pastors and even political leaders. So why try such a stunt with your maker? Even Pastor Adeboye says we should stop putting the cart before the horse!

I urge us to take Him seriously and He will take you seriously too.

It's not easy, It never is! But we have to try!

If we can rush to make sure we get to work early, we can rush to make sure we talk to God first before we do any other thing.

I'm trying, I urge you to do the same!