Rants Of A Concerned Citizen!

published on Sunday, 22 March 2015

The upcoming elections in Nigeria have got us youths feeling some type of way, especially with the way things have gone and are going. I have to say that this is the most interested any of us have ever been in politics. We now see these politicians for what they really are.

A friend of mine sent me this piece below just for me to read, but I thought you guys just had to read his opinion and see what one youth, out of the millions out there have to say!

Nigeria We Hail Thee!


I never was really interested in political discussions till the 2015 elections. I mean, if I sit back and turn deaf ears to all these obvious wrong doings of some of our so called "leaders" it would be a shame because, this country is our baby and as such we must treat her like our baby. First things first, I must say the level of corruption in this present administration can be compared to that, when Alhaji Shehu Shagari was in power. It took the bravery of some men in the military at that time, led by General Muhammadu Buhari to curb all the indiscipline and corrupt practices. 
Now, this man (General Buhari) is here to sanitize the nation and the spokesperson of the peoples democratic party in person of Femi Fani-Kayode, who has proven to be a confused fellow and at that an ignorant buffoon, is on Buhari's case. This is the same man who rubbished this same administration (Goodluck Jonathan), some years back. Now he's back because its obvious he's been bought over and he's dancing to the tune of money. Its true being broke is the root of all evil. Mr. Fani-kayode, if you ever get to see this, you need to get your facts right before you pick up your pen or your computer to pour out all the stinky, rotten thoughts in that big garbage you call your head. All you've said since you joined forces with The PDP, are all baseless assumptions and i would say, you're a cloven hoof detractor who loves attention. Why don't you start a career in music and get featured in songs or join Nollywood just to be on T.V. You cant joke around with things as serious as the major decisions of a nation. 
Gov. Ayo Fayose, its so sad to see an Ekiti man behave the way you behave. Ekiti men are known for their prestige and suaveness not for being rascals and touts. I wonder if your kids are proud of all the rubbish tantrums you've been throwing. How would a Governor, in his excellency throw subliminal messages? It just shows how much of a mediocre you are. If your kids act like this, what advice will you give them? To cause trouble or make peace with their counterparts? With all due respect to that office which you have no regard for, you need a leash sir. 
Our dear Patience Jonathan, they say people appear smart till they open their mouth to talk. You have validated this claim on all pedestals ma. You also need a leash o. I must say, you would eventually send your husband out of aso rock with that thing you call a mouth. Must you talk all the time? Please sit and take a cue from past First Ladies of this nation and other nations. Late Mrs. Stella Obasanjo, God rest her soul, with all the exposure and enlightenment she had never behaved like an agbero. Please take a look at Michelle Obama. Why have you chosen to disgrace this nation and your husband. Anyways i blame the president sir Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Its obvious you can't control your wife. How do you want to control a nation if you can't control just one woman? Apart from the fact that you're a liar and a bad one at that, you have no regard for human lives. Over 150,000 lives have been lost due to your non-chalant attitude. You think we are babies right? Terrorism wasn't fought in 5 years but 6 weeks to the election, you people are now working? So many kids are displaced because their parents were killed and whether you like it or not, their blood in on your head. You must think we are as dumb as you are sir. But sorry, we see all these things. The level of corruption is another thing I wouldn't want to go into. What happened to your aviation minister and her bullet proof cars? Mr. Otedola and Mr. Lawani? Are you omnipresent that you acquired about 10 presidential jets? Even the american president flies on the airforce one with fighter jet escorts. Please enlighten us sir, how possible is it for only you to fly in all that? You see how wasteful and irresponsible you are? What happened to the 1billion naira food budget? Are you eating gold and diamonds? We have people starving in this nation and you spend that much on food. Sir, its time for you to put on that thinking cap and sit down. You should step down because you are clueless sir. Be dishing out presidential pardons to those people who need to face the law for all the atrocities they committed. Oga Jona we need a change and you're not the change. So please pack your load back to your village and let someone competent go there.

-A concerned citizen