Let's all make money together!! lol!

published on Sunday, 1 March 2015

I know, that of late, I haven't been putting up my original ideas and thoughts, but I have learnt to share other people's ideas with you guys, because honestly, there is joy in sharing.

 Before I watched Adanna and David's video from the last post, I saw this video below and I thought to share it with you guys because those of you that know Patricia Bright know she started as a YouTube vlogger 5 years ago and has since made a name for herself and most importantly, is making money from it. and honestly, "who no like better thing?" 

Instead of sitting at home wasting time on twitter, instagram, tumblr or watching YouTube videos or series, why not start making money from this internet? Especially, if you're in Nigeria and you pay a lot of money for your wifi. Try making that money back. 

Patricia Bright in the video below, describes some ideas and tricks to making money on the internet. Some of her ideas are not new ideas, but some of us can learn a thing or two from them.

Please learn and share with others.

Remember, there is joy in sharing! lol!