When you pray....

published on Tuesday, 10 February 2015

I actually wrote this post some weeks ago, but somehow, something kept me from posting it. I felt today was the right day, however, to post it. This is because I was on the phone with my best friend, just chatting away when he, from nowhere, asked me if I honestly believe in the power of prayer. He shared with me some of his recent testimonies and then I thought, why hold on to this post any longer? Why not share it with you guys?

I woke up one morning and thought to myself that I hadn't shared a testimony in a while. I just knew I had to. A lot of people don't know that when you genuinely pray with faith, miracles do happen. Sometimes, they happen immediately.

Have you ever been a position where, something great happens and you just know it was God that did it? No questions asked, you just know? Well, this miracle I'm about to share, with how minute it is, is very important.

I had been hearing the news of a snow storm coming to Sheffield, and who really wants to get caught in that? Lol. In my own time with God, I silently asked him to give me a pleasant weather on the day I had to go to Uni that week. The day before my class, snow fell heavily. But on the morning of my class, the snow seized. I went to class, ran some errands and went home; the weather was still fair, till about sun down when the snow picked up again. It fell continuously for the next two days. I knew it was God. 

My best friend, Leke, shared one with me also that I'd like to share with you guys. His might seem silly, but it is as important as any. He woke up one morning to no light (Yes, no electricity. That happens a lot in Nigeria), and he just spoke to God to bring him light as soon as possible, rather, at that exact moment. And guess what, the light came, almost immediately in fact. 

There are little instances like that and even huge ones where you know, that just had to be God. Some people might call it, a coincidence. To people like that I'd say "oh ye, of little faith". We with faith know and believe that it just had to be God.  

You see what I'm saying? Prayers work, no matter how small or huge your request is, They work! When issues arise, I pray and leave them for God to show those issues who's boss. Because, if He doesn't take care of me, who will? (In the dettol voice! lol!) 

I know personally of instances where my friends and I have prayed for jobs, academic excellence, cars, homes, health restoration, financial restoration and we've had immense breakthroughs. 

Take popular Nigerian musician and photographer, T.Y. Bello's case for example. I read her testimony on instagram today and knew I had to share it with you guys. She got married about 10 years ago, and has battled an undiagnosed endometriosis. And for a long while she couldn't get pregnant. But you know, the God we serve is a miracle working God. 
9 years after marriage, T.Y. got pregnant. Days after releasing her latest album, The Morning Song Book, (an album I totally adore! lol) she didn't have just one child, she had two lovely boys. The twins, Christain and Christopher, are so adorable. The Lord really is a wonder-working God! 

I''ll never forget the acronym I learnt in high school; Pray Until Something Happens (PUSH). We need to learn to build a relationship with God. Put our faiths to test. PUSH for a miracle. God is always listening. 

If you are struggling with building a relationship with God or you're just about to, why don't you surrender your all to Him today? Bring all your burdens to Him and lay them at His feet. Ask Him for forgiveness. Give all of your life to Him and in faith begin to build and nurture a great relationship with Him. In time, your faith will begin to build mountains for you. 

I, my family and close friends are witnesses of our faith and God's mercy. Why don't you join our "faithwagon"? lol