Nigerian women and Weddings......the euphoria!

published on Saturday, 31 January 2015

Dear I say it, these blogs and instagram accounts that I and several other young women in Nigeria and across the world are in love with (BellaNaijaWeddings, Wedding Digest Naija, Nigerian Wedding Blog, WeLoveNaijaWeddings, YorubaWedding, IDoWeddingsNg and EdoWeddings to name a few) are so attractive that they are causing a rave in the Nigerian social media atmosphere. 
I'm sure people would wonder why I'm on this topic today, but it's a Saturday today and also it has become so obviously outrageous that even the guys have noticed. Hence, Falz's hit track; marry me.

Ladies these days have been overtaken by thoughts of a dream wedding that they're no longer patient enough to enjoy a relationship or even think of the married life after the wedding. Everything now is based on if he can buy me a huge rock like Kim's, Hadiza's or Adejoke's, the dream dress from Wang, Berth or April by Kunbi, the asooke from Bimms or Tisbee, the wedding photographer should be Alakija or Nimi, the makeup artist should be BMPRO, Tennycoco or Tara. Those of us that follow these blogs will know these names.

But my dear, is the big wedding worth it? All manner of human beings coming to eat your rice and scrutinize your dress? Then there's the souvenir sharing. I remember reading a girl's tweet that her mum came back home from a wedding with a light bulb as a souvenir. Then there was a wedding my mum went for, and they were giving out fridges, standing fans and microwave ovens! Nigerians have no chill. 

Saturdays now are known for weddings. Everybody is posting pictures on instagram with the hash-tag #saturdaysareforweddings. Ladies are even dressing up for weddings looking better than the bride. Others are going for weddings with a mission of finding their Mr Right. 

Please what's going on? 

Even family members are pressurising and pushing their daughters to get married, so they can pick asoebi, party venue, call caterers and show off to their friends. It's like we've lost the value that comes from weddings. We've forgotten how solemn the event is supposed to be. I'm not saying a big wedding is an issue, neither am I saying spending a lot of money is a problem. Even I want to feel like and be a princess on my wedding day. But I'm saying we shouldn't lose sight of what the event is and what it represents. I've seen a lot of marriages that have gone south after the parents spent millions on the wedding. 

Was it really worth it?

All I'm trying to say now is that if  you're going into a relationship, enjoy it and get to know this individual well before jumping into thoughts of a ring, a proposal, an introduction, planning an "out of this world" wedding and so on. Live your life, enjoy your man, get to know him and then other things will fall in place. Don't pressurize anybody to fall in love with you, to propose to you, to spend all his savings on a ring, or even to spend all of your savings and that of your family's on a wedding. What do you expect to live on after the euphoria wears off?

I hope my message here is not lost in transmission. Enjoy your life and most importantly, make sure this guy you want to marry is the one, Don't focus on how big the wedding is but how right the man is for you!

Enjoy this Saturday's wedding you guys, and I'll enjoy the pictures from all of my favourite wedding blogs!!