How big is your heart?

published on Sunday, 25 January 2015

A blogger, Jessiroo, once said; "Those with big hearts are very special people. The hardened world we live in hasn't gotten to them, and they give us all hope."

My mother...dear I say it...has the biggest heart I've ever seen. She is the definition of unconditional love. She's the only one I know that practices the Lord's word of forgiving 77x7 times. She doesn't have a limit to forgiveness.

Why am I saying this?

I am far from that. A lot of us are. So much has happened in my life of late that I just don't know how to let them go. I just cant comprehend how you can be so nice to people and they'll still treat you anyhow, without a thought. People easily forget all you've done for them.

When this happens to me, I channel my mum's words; "You don't do nice things for recognition or ecstatic appreciation from people, but for your rewards that lie ahead of you in heaven and on earth. Keep being nice to people. Keep doing great things. Let other people see the glory of The Lord in you. You are the light and salt of the world. Show forth God's mercy in your life to the people around you".

But how do you truly in this cruel world we live in become, in Sam Kaie's words, "a non-egoistic, highly tolerant, non-judgemental human who is forgiving, helping, emotionally available, selfless, charitable & humane" ???

It's hard. It's ridiculously hard. Sometimes, reflexly, the insults just come out, the rage and the anger take over. Were all human but we need to have to become more like Christ. I've learnt from my mum to always say "it is well". You can piss her off and she'll go " It is well". when you've really pissed her off she says "It is very well"! lol! Fight the temptation and the urge to react. Walk away!

I'll try to learn and to take my own advice. I hope you do so too. Because in the end no one can hurt you that much unless you give them the power to. Don't let some ignorant people take over your life or give you a reason not to smile. It just isn't worth it.

I pray for us all, that as we go forth into the new week, we will all forgive and say our "It is well" to whatever situation or individual that might try to provoke or push us against having a heart of gold.