#FindYourBalance #FindYourBalance #FindYourBalance #FindYourBalance

published on Sunday, 30 November 2014

As part of my efforts to increase the awareness of Balance Disorders, on the assignment I previously told you guys about I decided to launch a fun campaign challenge called #FindYourBalance.  It's something you can easily do and pass across to everybody you know to get involved. This will help spread the message that Balance Disorders are real and not just mere talk.

It was funny shooting this video because I never realised what my mum went through on a daily basis till I tried to walk after spinning in circles. It wasn't pretty! Let's just say those that are living with balance disorders are heroes in their own rights! My mum is my hero! 

WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO: Record a video of yourself spinning a few times and then trying to walk on a straight line right after. Trust me, it's not as easy as it seems! That effect of dizziness and drowsiness you feel after spinning, is the constant feeling sufferers of balance disorders go through everyday! Yes, It is that serious!
You could also do it in pairs or in groups. Get your friends or family members, hold hands and spin in circles for as long as you like and then try to walk in a straight line. Let's see how easy it would be to do that.
Don't forget to, in the start of the video introduce what you're about to do and why you're doing it. Here's an example: "Hi, I'm Grace and I'm about to do the #FindYourBalance challenge to help spread awareness of Balance Disorders. I nominate (you could nominate anybody you want)"!
Make your own video, post it on any social media platform you're involved in (twitter or facebook)  and tag @BDA_Campaign (Twitter) / Balance Disorder Campaign (Facebook ) in it! Don't forget to include our hashtag; #FindYourBalance, in your post. We'll be sure to repost them!

Please spread the word around. Get your friends and family doing it and don't forget the reason why were doing it! #FindYourBalance!

I got my friends to do it and I think they had fun with it! Watch theirs below;