Looking back....was being a worry-wart worth it?

published on Thursday, 30 October 2014


Oh! How I remember this day! I have definitely come a long way! I remember how excited I was to be graduating from high school. The excitement that came from planning our prom, our outfits for breakfast, hairstyles, designs for our white lace, makeup, nails... you name it, we planned for it!

It seemed like no one was as excited as myself, Teni and Bose! We spent all our free time gisting and planning! I can never forget our creepy yellow and black polos from prom, our dancing at Prom and thanksgiving, and basically, the six years we spent together.
I couldn't wait to grow up! If only someone had told me then how hard it is to be an adult, I would have just chilled! I remember my problems then were managing my midnight call hours, Facebook page and slum books! (Silly right? lol)
 I had my life all figured out, I wanted to be a journalist, go to Uni, graduate and work with my dad! If only I  had known what life had in store for me! (This is where I drop a huge sigh!)
It's one thing to plan your life out, it's another thing for your life to go the way The Lord ordained it to! We can only pray that were living our lives on the right path, God's path.
How time flies! 5 years have gone by and I just wonder where all that time has gone! I have cried, I have been heartbroken, I've been elated, excited, happy, angry, irritated, frustrated, at wits end.....basically I have been on an exciting rollercoaster ride and I wont change it for the world.

There is one thing I definitely want to learn to change. I am slowly learning to get rid of PESSIMISM, being worrisome and scared of the future and what it holds. I have let a lot of good moments go because of this fear. I worry too much, I overthink things. I just realized that this takes a lot of time and energy that could be used on productive things.

Fortunately, for us, Jesus isn’t worried. He yearns for us to live a life that's worry free. He has our backs. In Matthew 6:25–34, He said, “Don’t worry, be hopeful." Jesus used the word “worry” six times and He said, “Don’t worry” three times in this passage. It is quite obvious that Jesus is against high anxiety and unhealthy worry.

So why worry? Why fear?
It hasn't been easy but looking back I have learnt to be optimistic about what the rest of my life holds! I can now look forward to my future, because honestly, I can't go back to being that fair big-foreheaded girl that thought she knew it all but worried about the entirety of it. I am now the big-headed young woman that's ready to take each day as it comes. (Yes, I have a big head! lol!) I am ready to enjoy the rest of my life!  In, my friend, Ayomikunile's words: "You only live once right? Don't live it in fear of tomorrow, live your life to the fullest, have no regrets!"
My message for you guys today, excitingly, is also for me. Don't worry, be happy! Have fun! No matter what it is you're going through, Jump, Scream, Shout, laugh, smile! Jesus' got you! Go crazy with joy! (I'm not asking you to go haywire, but you get my drift yeah?) One of my friends Deme loves to live by this line; "the crazier the idea, the more likely it is that i'd do it! so far it makes me happy!".