published on Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My avid readers know that one of my major aims with this blog is to promote young talents in entertainment and fashion. I haven't lost that passion. I'm so excited to introduce to you guys, Javasy Yard Records' very own PAULETTE. This young lady's music really is like a breath of fresh air. Her song is so different from what were used to. Her sound sort of reminds me of Temi Dollface's.

In an industry filled with various individuals working hard to be successful, standing out from the crowd can be difficult for many. However, as a talented dancer and singer with a captivating voice, Paulette Iwenjiora confidently sets herself apart.

Paulette Iwenjiora was born to a Jamaican mom and Nigerian dad, and was raised and born in Tallahasse, Florida till the age of 12. She then moved to Abuja, Nigeria where she resides till date.

Regarding dance, Paulette truly discovered her passion for the art at the age of 11. She use to spend hours watching dance movies and learning the dance moves. She also joined various dance groups and performed at various shows.
 Eventually her passion for singing also began to grow. She explains, “I started writing poems and song lyrics at the age of 17 and felt the urge to sing more often”. The compliments she received every time she sang fueled her interest in music. Ready to take her passion further, Paulette connected with DJ Java (Olaniyi Teidi) of Javasy Yard Records and the two started working together, recording continuously. She eventually went on to sign with Javasy Yard Studio Records.
The song “Dance Floor” is her first official single and is a blend of electro-house and afro-beat like you have never heard before. In this fun and youthful single, Paulette clearly expresses her love for both music and dance. 

The song was produced, mixed and mastered by DJ Java who recently moved to Nigeria after a successful career in North-Cyprus and can be spotted on social media with the hashtag #PapitoIsHere.

Paulette is a true definition of raw talent and on this tune, she shows her music diversity skills. She's definitely an artiste to watch out for in 2015.
I can't wait for you to enjoy her song!