If I were President for a month!

published on Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Hii guys!!
So I've been thinking of innovative ideas to keep you glued to my blog and I thought, why not feature my friends in some posts where they'd be talking about a few of their views on certain issues?! Good Idea right? Right!
Well I thought to myself and decided that this week's issue will be titled, "If I were president for a month!" Sounds funny right?
Well, yeah! It is!

My friends were confused when I asked a few of them to tell me 10 things they'd change if they were the President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria for a month. They all gave me that annoying line; "but one month is really short!" Like I don't know that already! Smh! I chose one month to see what they could come up with.
My first friend here wanted to remain anonymous. He could only come up with 5 things because he was hungry and wanted to eat! lol! If you know him, you'd definitely be laughing right now!
Anyways, enjoy his short but detailed and intelligent list!
"1) First and foremost number one would be electricity, electricity would solve a lot of things in Nigeria. People would get to save on buying fuel into generators and then the constant electricity can create job opportunities for people.

‎2) Female politicians are needed in a country like Nigeria. Dora Akunyili showed us that women can make a difference and keep things in order, even though we have had some women steal in their respective offices we know that's 1 in a 100 

3) Transportation, getting around is hectic enough especially in Lagos. Buses and taxis don't cut it, encouraging car pools or better yet make the rail system a certainty, but all this can't be done if we don't have 'Electricity'

4)‎ Wired culture. Being able to book online, buy online. Half the country own a smartphone, I would encourage businesses to be done online, online courses. People being able to get online and immediately access proper information.

5) Education is terrible in Nigeria. Even in schools where millions are being paid, the quality of education is not up to par compared to our international counterparts. Classes still seem like they are teaching secondary school students ‎when the settings can be more favorable.

I could only think of 5 lol! I'm hungry. Yes I want to be anonymous "