If i were president for a month (2)

published on Wednesday, 15 October 2014

This is the second post in my "If I were president" series and I've been receiving mixed reports concerning it. Apparently, it's too dry. Some people want me to make it a little interesting while others want me to probe the participants more! Well, all views have been duly noted and will be worked on.  

In the meantime, here's another from my ever busy friend Omololu. Enjoy!

You know one month is too short right? Anyway, here's what I'll do if I were president.

1. I would make education compulsory in the north. Free education of course. 
2. I would make a law against being in government, no matter the level, for more than 2 terms (8 years). 
3. People in the age group of 70 and above will not be allowed to run for public positions.
4. I will help boost the agricultural economy.
5. I'll also find a way to boost the human resources of Nigeria. 
6. I'll boost more inter ethnical and political conferences 
7. I'll also encourage border line trade. 
8. Persecution of any corrupt official is also very important. 
9.  I will also end religious drifts and conflicts by generating ideas from religious groups, united. 
10. Finally, I'll try my best to foster peace and enable only two official political parties.