Celebrating Nigeria at 54.......

published on Wednesday, 1 October 2014


I know with everything Nigeria has been through in the past few months, this is bitter sweet but it is, nonetheless, a celebration. You can not deny that with Her weaknesses, Nigeria is still strong. Boko Haram hasn't broken her neither has ebola, corruption, or any of the many issues she is facing.
Fellow Nigerians please celebrate your great country today, because if we don't, who will?

As a country we have a lot to be grateful for. As human beings, It is a new month, meaning God has kept us alive to see another day, another month, (the tenth month of the year for that matter). So many people didn't even live to see the month of March. The fact that we're here today, Nigeria is still stable despite her many issues and the fact that we can walk freely on the streets are enough reasons to be grateful to God and celebrate Nigeria today.

I wrote these few words as I got up today because I wanted them to be fresh out of my head! This is my first public poetic 'freestyle', so please be gentle with me! (laughs)

We're 54,
we celebrate every year
but are we really off the floor?
do our leaders really care?

Seems like for so many years we've been trying to take off
with a hungry few thinking our resources are their birthrights
how do we really develop?
how do we make things right?

It can never be easy
till we make the conscious effort to make a change
it never really will be
we will forever remain in this range.

it is with this that I wish Nigeria a happy birthday
because even at this stage
with so many citizens slain
She is still united, a country, a state!