Jump! Take that leap of faith!

published on Friday, 26 September 2014

I remember back in high school when programs were organized for us to find our God-given talents. It made people think that these skills were hard to find and would be discovered through divine intervention, sort of like speaking in tongues. People ignored the skills that were already there, not knowing that talents were innate and not treasures dug up. And so for a long time lived their lives without an aim hoping that one day their talents will shine on them. They kept themselves busy with qualities they call hobbies. Not knowing that these qualities they find interesting, these qualities that take up their time, these qualities they are passionate about are actually not random but they are what makes every individual special, they are talents.

The earlier people realize this, the better. I've heard of stories of people building a life in a particular career and in old age realize a passion for something else.
But isn't that a tad bit too late?
I remember at the last City People Entertainment awards, there was this old lady, bless her soul, that walked up to Tiwa Savage with a demo cd in her hand and begged that Tiwa should listen to it. At first I thought maybe, it was her child's or grandchild's, but I later realized it was hers.  She gave a brief story about how she realized her passion for music a few years back but had built a career in nursing. Apparently she was good, but isn't it sort of late to build a career now?

I could look at it that way or I could also look at it that God made it this way for her for a reason. But how come it took her this long to realize? Or rather, why did she wait so long? Why keep something so special hidden? Reminds me of the parable of the talents. The guy that was given one talent kept it hidden for his master and didn't utilize it. It is like having jewels but never letting them see the light of day, what sense does that make?

To me, I see it as being ungrateful. God gave you a gift to be utilized but you'll take that gift back to him at the end of the day unused? Let's look at it this way, your friend, is to be married and you think of the most thoughtful gift to give this friend. You know he or she would always use it daily no matter what. After 20years of marriage, you find out that this friend of yours never even opened the gift to know what was in it. How would you feel?

People give the excuse these days of not knowing what these talents are. That's why I'm here today saying that those things you find passionate, those hobbies that give you joy, those skills that you find productive and others find advantageous, those are your God-given talents. they are the qualities invested in you by the Almighty, your calling. Take advantage of them and build on them because God alone knows why they have been deposited in you. God didn't put them there to waste away. Don't sit at home and say "I have no job, God is not even smiling at me". What have you done with the gift he has gifted you? Go out there and make something of it.

I was listening to the Beat 99.9 FM the other day and Toolz was on the Midday show talking to Psquare about their new album, Double Trouble. Psquare have apparently been in the industry for about 18 years and started off playing ball, then Paul became an electrician and Peter a mango dealer and a gambler. Funny right? Their future seemed bleak till they decided to act on their talents, make the move from Jos to Lagos and build a career. Look where they are today.

I know its not easy to make a move on something you're unsure of. That's why it is called a risk. Life itself is a risk, this doesn't mean you don't live it. But the result gained from taking that risk is always profitable so long as God is involved.

I'm not claiming to have all the answers. I'm not claiming to be perfect but I'm speaking based on what I have seen and what I have learnt on this journey called life. I myself am just starting a new phase and trust me, it is never easy. But if there is one thing I know, it is this; The Lord will never put you in a situation you cannot handle. So never fear, have faith and put your good foot forward. The Lord always protects his own!

Trust me you'll be fine!
Take that leap of faith!