I'm here! It just took me a while to figure that out!

published on Thursday, 25 September 2014

Some of us might see the title of this post and get confused as to why it is and what exactly happened to this blog.

My avid yet bright readers will notice that this blog indirectly has represented my growth as a human being. I started this blog writing fictional stories and then switched to softsell stories and gossip. Of late, I have found out that this is not exactly what I want to do with my blog, it is just what my readers expected of me, due to my background. It took a few months to listen to my heart and determine what exactly I needed to do with it. It took a long journey to get to the conclusion I am making here today. I had to rediscover myself. I thought I knew who I was, what I wanted from life and where I was going but trust me I had no clue. You know how our parents say: "youre still a child, what do you know?" I realized a few months back that I honestly had no idea. I might look like a calculated person that has it all together but trust me I had to do some soul-searching. I knew I didn't want to stop writing but I knew I didn't want to continue being an "amebo".
It is with this discovery that I decided to write as it comes, whatever it is that I am feeling, whatever it is that I am experiencing, whatever it is I want to experience and what I have experienced, because trust me, as young as I am, I have been through a few hurdles that I am eternally grateful for!
So feel free to once in a while check out my blog and see what inspirational message or gist I have to share with you. you obviously know I am not a boring person. It is just left for you to determine if what I have to say speaks to you or not.  I definitely always have something to say! 
so yeah, hence the words; "I'M HERE! IT JUST TOOK ME A WHILE TO FIGURE THAT OUT!"