Tiwa Savage’s Dubai Wedding: Banky W Replies Critic

published on Tuesday, 22 April 2014

See how Tiwa's wedding is causing so much buzz. So today, stars put up the promo picture for Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz ' pre-wedding party and the comments came in. Some positive,  some negative. 

After posting the image on his official Instagram page, @bankywellington, someone commented on why the couple didn't choose a Nigerian city for the wedding.

The critic, @afrikaetal said; "Why Dubai all the time. Use the powerful platform you have to promote your home country instead of the hypocrisy of always running to other Countries. If you all invest the money into small businesses in Nigeria or Africa at lage, we too will have others running to us # proudly African #"

Banky W immediately responded and said;  "Such comments irritate me. We use the platforms we have to promote Nigeria all the time. We invest our money in Nigeria, You don't know the number of kids we put through school with scholarships, the number of health care bills we pay for people…you don't know the number of Nigerian companies we bank roll and float or the number of ideas we invest. It's hard enough finding happiness in this world…Two people should be able to celebrate it any way they fell like it!!! PLUS They already did their traditional wedding in Nigeria, they should be free to do whatever or go wherever they want for the white wedding. It;s THEIR wedding. Not a country's…not a state's…not mine…and certainly not yours. Leave them be. People all over the world get married, go on vacations or honeymoons, wherever they feel like it all over the world. Our ppl (people) should be allowed to do the same without being branded hypocrites. You and the high horse you rode in on should have several seats.My goodness.".

What do you think?

The nuptials, however,  are set to take place on Saturday 26th April 2014 at the Armani Hotel, Dubai.

I can't wait to see pictures!