National Conference delegate places curse on government thieves

published on Friday, 11 April 2014

During a plenary session at the ongoing National Conference on Thursday, a delegate from Borno State, Dr. Haruna Yerima while making a speech castigated a past governor of his state.He mocked him – the Governor – for owning 4 private jets to the detriment of his state citizens."">Out of anger, the delegate began placing curses on all government thieves.“My state former governor once said he does not care about what the media writes about his administration because over 50% of the people from the state cannot read, imagine that?!… right now, this former governor has 4 private jets including the latest one bought at N11b. “ he stated angrily.“All those who stole our money to build mansions, let thunder, fire & earthquake destroy those houses. As for those who stole & took it abroad, let God touch their hearts so that they can bring back this money to improve our people’s livelihood…” He prayed.