Meet the 8-year-old girl who 'cures cancer, HIV with a single touch'

published on Friday, 4 April 2014

I read this on Ynaija and was stunned;

8-year-old Alani Santos could be called a wonder as she keeps amazing people with the level of her faith in God, considering the fact that her father was a car thief who recently became born again.Santos claims to be channeling God’s power to perform faith healings, curing everything from cancer to HIV.She claims to perform miracles at her father’s church in  favela of San Gonzalos, just outside Rio de Janeiro, just outside Brazil.Alani who has been healing people for the past two years says she enjoys making people feel better and would love to become a doctor in future so she can heal the sickShe says: ‘To see God working though people and their lives, that is very pleasing.‘I pray and God performs miracles. My Dad interviews people who say I have cured them.’Describing her ‘powers’, Alani says: ‘A lot of the time I just touch people, sometimes I pray and worship and the person is cured.’