How I found out my mum lied to me about my biological father - Tyler Perry reveals

published on Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Imagine waking up one morning and realise that the man you called father all your life is not your biological father.That’s the fate of movie producer, Tyler Perry who in a recent interview opened up about his family.Perry revealed that the man who raised him, Emmitt Perry, Sr. is not his biological father as his late mother had made him believe.“I love my mother to death but she lied to me,” he told Radio One founder Cathy Hughes during an interview at Women’s Empowerment 2014.Perry also said that he had always suspected that Perry Sr. was not his real father due to the abuse inflicted on him while he was growing up, saying that his late mother always insisited that the man was his biological father.Perry took a DNA test with his brother after his mom had passed away that was when the truth abouth his paternity was revealed as the doctors told the brothers that they did not have the same father. He then took another test with his Perry Snr. to confirm his suspicion.Perry also cautioned parents on the importance of always telling their children the truth as  he is still searching for his real father.