Bowen University closed indefinitely following students' riot

published on Thursday, 20 March 2014

The management of Bowen University closed the school indefinitely this morning after the riot i gisted Y'all about last night.
The students say they are protesting bacause of the scarcity of electricity, water and plans by the university to increase school fees. The students are allegedly not being treated right.
According to LIB; "They take the light by 8am, and bring it back by 8pm and it goes off by 11pm again. We don't have water, no socket light, while our lecturers are in AC offices and cars. We have time table for eating. 7-9am for breakfast, 12-3 for lunch and 6-8 for dinner. Most times we have classes during these periods".
So for now, all students have been asked to leave the university. I also heard some students were detained last night after the riot andare yet to be released.
Nawa o!
I never thought this could be possible in a private university!