Praiz raises N10 Million for a Baby Girl with a hole in her Heart!

published on Monday, 24 February 2014

See why i love Praiz?! He's not only fine, he's also giving! #MCM

R&B/Soul singer Praiz Adejo offered 100% of the revenue from the sales of his callertune 'Oshé' towards post-operative care for a baby girl who had just completed an operation to treat a serious heart condition (a hole in her heart). Somaya Olayinka Dahli had a successful heart operation in late 2013. Doctors informed her parents that Somaya would need post-surgery treatment, monitoring and care to keep her alive. Praiz learnt of the situation and decided to help out.

Praiz successfully raised the sum of N10 Million via the callertune project.

In his own words Praiz said, 'It was sad seeing Somaya go through all that pain, she's a little girl who shouldn't suffer like that.

So proud of you Praiz!♥