Essence Replies claims that She Is Broke

published on Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Some people amaze me sha!

So a report apparently claimed that singer, Essence, is now broke and uses commercial bikes around.

Essence, in a new interview decided to reply by denying the claims that she is broke. She also announced that she has acquired two cars since her former car got stolen. She even put her relationship out there.

Read her words below;

"I have bought two cars since the incident. I have two RAV 4, a silver and another black.  I feel very insulted when somebody opens a blog and writes rubbish about people.  I saw the story myself, the writer has no address just the uninformed piece of trash the person wrote on the blog.  Internet is free, anybody can just wake up and open a blog and write rubbish. The person wrote that I borrowed a car from my cousin, at least, I have a cousin that I borrowed a car from. People abroad called me to tell me all these stories and they laughed because these are the same people who saw me on Oxford, Manchester, Dublin They just laughed it off. If I am broke I won’t have the money to go to all these places. Even if my partner sponsors me, it can’t be all the time because I also do shows abroad. Very unintelligent report, the writer should go to motor licensing office and cross check my name among car owners in Nigeria. If I trek while in the UK it means it’s cheaper to move around without your car unlike in Nigeria."

What do you think?