2500 Couples Who Met Just Days Ago Wed in Mass Wedding

published on Thursday, 13 February 2014

Got the ring, the dress but not the man? All you need to do is go to Moonies Church.2500 couples from different walks of life said “I do” at a mass wedding at Moonies Church in South Korea. The couples who met just days ago married yesterday Wednesday 12th February 2014 in a 25,000-seat sports stadium.The ceremony is the second by the church since the death of its self proclaimed messiah Sun Myung Moon in September 2012.The couples recited their vows pledging to be faithful to each other, after confirming that they are virgins. After the nuptial, they must all go for 40 days without having sex. It is meant to be an act of paying homage to Jesus who spent 40 days and night in the desert.His wife 71-year old Hak Ja Hang coordinated the ceremony. The late Reverend personally paired couples who couldn’t even speak the same language to promote cultures and nations. Since his death, pairing has been done by his wife and church executives.