Saheed Balogun Drags Ex-Wife, Fathia Balogun To Court Over Name

published on Saturday, 30 November 2013

This Saheed Balogun must be broke or bored right about now because I heard he's suing Fathia concerning the "Balogun" name. Pls note that Saheed and Fathia Balogun have been separated long before now. I don't even know if they got an actual divorce. But Saheed doesn't want Fathia using his name anymore. I hear Saheed threatened Fathia, last year, to stop using his name, but she didn't listen and now he is taking the matter to court. 

In an interview shortly after Saheed asked her to stop using his name, Fathia said, "I laugh, my name is Fathia Balogun and it's going to remain Balogun; nobody can ever change that and nobody can stop me from answering that name." 

Na wa o!

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