Why boys cheat!

published on Thursday, 26 September 2013

INVESTIGATION..As a jobless fellow, I'd like to write a report on why boys cheat. I have carried out several investigations both preliminary and secondary as to decipher this age long problem. Interviews have been conducted, questionnaires distributed and in depth searches have been made.

Here are some of my findings: it is has been argued that boys cheat because they are BOYS and as such have not matured to that very crucial phase of manhood where they become men and realise the dangers and immaturities of hurting a loved one.
Furthermore, research has shed light on the fact that a lot of boys like to follow the trend. It is a common misconception and a preposterous belief that a boy who is not sexually active is not a 'man'. This otherwise erroneous belief is also responsible for boys who want to 'feel among' and be able to boast of their sexual prowess.
In addition, the world today has become a global village. The noms and values of countries are increasingly going down the drain. The advanced technological age we find ourselves is in no minute measure adding to why boys can't keep their male organs where they belong. With the alarming number of pornographic websites and obscene videos that go around the world,its a little wonder why boys are horny all the time.
This is not to push the blame to the boys alone. In the victorian era where pure ladies where bred and brought up, there was order as against what is obtainable today. In that era boys pursued girls and there were always chaperons. In this time, with all the advancements, things are now the other way round. Girls now love to pursue and seduce boys and a boy has little choice when found in such a position.
Several other factors can be attributed to this topic but I'd like to stop here, in order not to make this report a lengthy one

Conclusion: A lot of boys see it as the norm to cheat. It is generally accepted in the society, but it is very wrong. There is no point going into a commitment with the Intention of cheating. It is hurtful and wrong.

Remedies: I recommend that boys grow up to be men before they go into relationships, and that a lot of discussion on this subject should be adequately addressed by both partner. I further recommend that pornography should not become a habit and that girls should be ladies and should henceforth stop being aggressive towards the opposite sex.

Sex is overrated and should not be as important as oxygen.

Thank You
Adesanya Gbemisola