Davido & Ice Prince tell us to "Feel Alright"!

published on Friday, 31 August 2012

The official video to the track; "feel alright" by Davido featuring Ice Prince will be out soon!

The track's off Davido's OBO album! It is about the ups and downs of a relationship and weed. It is a laid back quality track, in stark contrast with most of Davido's frenetic songs.

Watch out for it!

Are Adama Indimi & D'banj dating?

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The latest gist hitting me now is that D'banj might be dating Adama Indimi; one of Maiduguri based Multi-Millionaire, Alhaji Mohammed Indimi's daughters.

The major cause for the buzz is the tweet craze between them. It all started with this tweet from D'banj; @iamdbanj on August 13th, 2012; "On my way to club icon w/@NaetoC and the crew! 2nyt we drinking 2 celebrate my baby @Presido_Adama happy birthday love!"

When I read that I thought, that the tweet wasn't really a big deal but they days leading up to D'banj's massive London concert on Bank Holiday, Monday, August 27, 2012, Adama again tweeted ''Excited'", ''You make me do happy'' and this was followed by pictures of first herself and his dancers backstage, followed by a picture of the supposed love-birds together looking very sweet together.

P.s. Adama flew in to London for the concert.

On August 29, 2012 she posted this; "Happy love, happy laugh, happy soul!" And afterwards ''You make me do happy!" She also posted; "When mumsi said ''I like your new Hannah Montana remix'' with a picture of them laughing on instagram.

The whole thing is really not a big deal! It might just be an innocent thing but its fascinating how it might just be true!

D’banj Performs at Rita Ora’s Show in Scala, London

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Rita Ora celebrated the release of her hit single 'How We Do (Party)' and her debut album with two exclusive shows in Uk and D'banj performed at the Scala show where he apparently wowed the audience.

TheNetng LUTH Updates: LUTH fire leaves patients and staff devastated

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The fire which razed down the  Direct Observation Therapy Centre for Tuberculosis of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) in Idi Araba, Lagos yesterday, August 30, 2012, has left staff and patients devastated as they watched the remains of what once stood as the centre.
A visit by NET showed the building burnt down with nothing left while staff and patients sat in clustered groups at the site.
Although no one was willing to speak about the incident at the time, our reporter gathered from eyewitnesses that the fire had started 8.00PM, from the pharmacy-drug unit of the centre.
We're told there were attempts to put out the fire, but the centre, which was made of wood, burnt out faster.
Patients who were at the scene looked on with saddened faces as they wondered what would be their fate.
However, the patients were told to wait as the centre administrators would discuss with them on what next to do.

By Ibiene George

Reporter’s diary: Looking for love at Teju Babyface’s engagement

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It is with excitement that I write this piece, detailing my experience of the just concluded engagement ceremony between comedian Teju babyface and model, Tobi Banjoko, an event which took place on Thursday, August 30, 2012 at the 10 degrees event centre, Oregun, Lagos. However, before I go into the details, let me give an account of the events that preceded my experience.
Left for me, I had done quite a number of stories and even broken a few and so I deserved to have my Thursday to myself, coupled with the fact that I was suffering from a severe pocket drowsiness attributed to the end of the month. The joy of not going to work had barely dawned on me I got a call from my line head asking that I to go to Ojodu to get something. Quickly, I explained my situation to him and he promised to try another option but warned that I get ready should the option B fail. Instantly, I got on my knees and asked God to make the other option work or make my line unreachable. Three long hours after, an unknown number called and not sensing any form of danger, I picked up the phone with excitement but my hopes crashed when I heard the voice. It was my boss on the line, and this time, he needed me to be at Teju baby face's engagement. Again, I told him about my pocket but he seemed battle ready for my excuses.
Upon his orders, I raised some money and headed to the venue, but as I journeyed down, one thing laid heavy on my heart. I was going to a party I didn't have an invitation for. As is always the case with such ventures, my heart started racing as I got closer to my destination. For some strange reasons, I prayed the bike man misses his way so I can let out my frustration on him, but he seemed too smart.
I busied myself with different imaginations of what will be the case should the usually muscular bouncers refuse to be civil and insist on seeing my invitation card. If they refused to accept the fact that I am a harmless journalist on a harmless mission, 'What would be the worst thing?' My line head will say, each time he sends us on missions of such nature.  'A slap, a kick or they embarrass you. It's part of the business bro' he will add, when he sees we are not yielding. Unfortunately, I wasn't ready for any of the options, so I took great caution as I walked towards the bouncers, but to my surprise, it was as easy as the ride into Gallilee and all it cost was a display of good communication skills, manners and of course, my I.D card.
As I made my way into the hall, I was met with fragrance of different smells, fabrics of different colours, outfits in different styles but one person shone brightest, it was the bride and she was dancing to meet her beau. I had gotten there late. Quickly, I brought out my smart phone and started taking pictures and notes.  In few minutes, my note pad was filled and I had sent over 40 pictures, so I relaxed and enjoyed the Alagas perform their usual antics and make money for the bride, the groom and of course, themselves.
Who would blame them? After all, na where man dey work he dey chop. As soon as I realised the engagement was nearing its end, I found my way quickly into the reception and secured a seat. I was seated with three others and their faces looked like the ones I had seen on TV. I took my time to observe them closely, and the ones that were around my seat, a bouncer at the gate and a cleaner by the entrance and as always is the case, a beautiful girl that got my eyes busy. All these people are the cast in my short narration but before I continue, let me take time off to appreciate the couple for a well planned event. All sorts of drinks were available, so was food which is why my seat partner amazed me.
As I watched Ms god-knows-what eat, I was sure she was going to ask for more and she didn't disappoint me as she ordered for a plate of porridge even as she was yet to finish the plate of rice before her. Perhaps, she read through my thoughts and wanted to silence it when she offered me one bottle of stout, to which I politely objected.  While she was at that, the other was busy passing judgement at everything she saw, from the ushers' oleku styled wrapper, to that man's cap and the other woman's make up, then she remembered her neighbour who has a fabric of similar colour and wondered why she wasn't there. She went on and on till I got bored and turned away only to find the cleaner by the door gulping his ninth bottle in a space of twenty minutes. He sure didn't think I was watching but I was also counting. The bouncer by his side did not help matters as he only laughed at him. They probably were playing a bet game but I pitied the poor boy finding fun in downing drinks of different brands just to prove a point. Tired of all the bizarre sights, I turned to finish up my drink but what I saw made me lose interest in the drink. A pair of big white eye balls staring at me in the most amazing manner and they belonged to a lady who probably is in her early twenties but looks amazingly beautiful. We stared at each other for what seemed like sixty seconds and continued intermittently with our eyes meeting each other. Perhaps, another fairy tale love story was about to begin? I continued with the battle until she stood up as though going to the ladies, only to refuse showing up again while I foolishly remained, legs crossed and patiently waiting for Godot .
It took a message from my line head to bring me back to my senses, 'I need more pictures and send the story to me NOW' his message read. Sadly, I got up, walked towards the dancing couple to take few more shots and looked around for my friend before heading for the office.  As I write this in the comfort of my bed, I remember vividly the faces of my newly found friends and I hope to have a replay of all that happened today, at the Muson Center, come Saturday, September 1, 2012 when Tobi will wed Teju in holy matrimony.

Until then…fingers crossed, I guess.

Report by TheNetng's Olamide Jasanya
Pictures from LIB!

Gulder Ultimate Search returns with season 9 and N19.5m!

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Fans of the very popular Gulder Ultimate Search will be excited to know that the reality show is back in its ninth edition!
Themed 'The Gate Keeper's Fortune', this year's edition will take place in the serene community of Usaka, Akwa-Ibom State, organizers say.
The winner of this year's event will walk home with the whooping sum of N9m, the highest prize money since the inception of the event, along with a brand new SUV worth N10m and N500,000 'swagger' allowance.
This year's edition will feature 12 participants selected from rigorous screening processes in four geographic zones across the federation. The cities where the screenings will hold are:  Makurdi, Owerri, Benin and Lagos.
The other 11 participants will not go home empty handed as they will get various cash prizes ranging from N3m for the first-runner-up, to N1m for the 12th placed contestant. As usual, there will be a cash prize of N1m for the best performing female in the competition.
What makes it more interesting is the that three of the winners, Chris Okagbue, Michael Nwachukwu and Dominic Mudabai will be returning to the jungle to play special roles as Gatekeepers in Gulder Ultimate Search 9.
Gulder Ultimate Search 9 will commence airing national terrestrial and satellite Television stations across the country from October 20 to November 16, 2012.

By Thenetng's Osagie Alonge

Randy Jackson 'quits American Idol judging panel' after 11 years... becoming third and final member to leave

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Randy Jackson has quit the American Idol judging panel, it has been claimed.

He follows Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as the latest casualty of the TV talent show.

Jackson is the only original judge remaining on the show so his departure would spell an entirely fresh crop of judges.

I quit: Randy Jackson has reportedly left the American Idol judging panel after 11 seasons

According to TMZ, the 56-year-old veteran member will still appear on the show but in a mentor capacity.

The bassist was part of the original line-up of judges alongside Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul and has sat on the panel for all 11 seasons.

Lopez and Tyler each announced they are leaving the show last month and who will replace them remains to be seen.

Mariah Carey has officially signed up and it has been reported that Nicki Minaj is extremely close to inking a deal.

However season 12 of the show will allegedly see a four person panel and several names have been thrown into the mix as to who could fill the remaining two seats.

After reports to the contrary TMZ has claimed that Kanye West and Diddy are no longer in the running, despite producers apparently being keen to get one or both of them on board.

Meanwhile Alannis Morissette said in a recent interview with CNN: 'Yes, I have been in conversations about it, and that's the degree to which I can share the info right now.'

And it was reported last week that Katy Perry rejected a $20million offer to join the panel – a pay packet that would have trounced Mariah's $18million, which currently sets her as the highest paid reality TV judge.

Mail Online has contacted a representative for Randy Jackson for comment.


-Mail Online

New Music: Say My Name (Remix)- Goldie ft. B Howard

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Goldie is back with the official remix to her single; "Say My Name" featuring B Howard. The track was produced by MasterKraft.


Nike Oshinowo: ‘I Have decided to worship God at home…my presence always distract in church’

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Imagine what Nike Osinowo said! Read her unbelievable statement below;

"Anytime I enter a church people are always quick to notice me and some may not even concentrate on the service anymore as I always become the centre of attraction in such cases. And this also distracts me. Therefore I have preferred to stay at home and worship God, rather than to keep causing unnecessary distractions in church."

Who says that? Na wa o!

Nicki Minaj Tackled By Fans For stealing Beyonce's Picture!

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The things that trend these days though!

Yesterday, Beyonce fans dealt with Nicki Minaj after she changed her Twitter avatar to a picture of her face apparently photoshopped over that of Beyonce. She took the photo down a few hours later when the wahala became too much!

Na wa oh!

New Music: DJ S.O Presents:- HitList Vol 1

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After Dropping his Recently Released August Edition Mix, Dj SO decided to give us a mix to all groove too. With hit after hit, no way you would want to stop grooving

Download & enjoy;

1. Take Banana- D'Prince
2. My Dear- Dammy Krane
3. Shake Up Your Bum Bum- Timaya
4. Go Low- Wande Coal
5. First Of All- Olamide
6. Ile Ijo- May-D
7. Your Waist- Iyanya
8. Kukere-Iyanya
9. Azonto Freestyly- Wizkid
10.Dami Duro- Davido
11. Tony Montana Remix- Naeto feat. D'Banj
12. Sister Caro- Kay Switch ft D'Banj
13.Kosi Pressure- Morell
14. Oliver- D'Banj
15. Category- Eldee

DJ SO/Dj S.O(@iamdjso)

DJ Caise Vs. DRB Lasgidi!!

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Fans of DRB Lasgidi won't like this gist!!
I'm a major fan and I was pained when I heard a few days ago that DJ caise reported DRB lasgidi's "Toyin" video due to copyright issues on youtube and the video was taken off!
According to DRB lasgidi, they also had to take the track off Itunes because of DJ Caise. The track was on sale on Itunes for 99p.
I'm sure y'all will be wondering what DJ caise's issue is with DRB lasgidi! Apparently, BOJ, Teezee and FreshL (DRB lasgidi crew members) are clueless as to what the problem is.
DJ caise produced the track in February and there was no legal documentation or agreement pertaining profitable gains from the track. I guess DJ Caise didn't expect it to be this big! But 4 days after releasing the video, it gets 10,000views and DJ caise reports the video! A video that he apparently flew to London to appear in!
DRB Lasgidi released a video on their blog on Wednesday stating that DJ caise apparently wanted the track to be named; "DJ Caise presents TOYIN by DrB lasgidi" but it was named; "Toyin by DRB Lasgidi, Prod. by DJ Caise". According to them, he kept telling blogs that he is their mentor. All three members of DRB lasgidi have denied this claim and are thinking he wants 30% of DRB Lasgidi! He even involved their parents in the messy scandal!

This is just one side of the coin!

Efforts to get DJ caise's view on the matter proved futile!

I'll definitely get you guys a follow-up on the issue! Stick with me!

Download the Toyin Video

For those of you that know nothing about DRB, let me initiate you to the fan club;

" Exclusive Feature: DRB Season

DRB LASGIDI would comfortably wear the crown as the class leaders of the new school with effortless ease and abundance SWAGGA if there was ever an award category in this genre… DRB LASGIDI is an up and coming musical group bringing a new sound with a fusion of Afro-Beats, Hip-Hop and R&B to the international music industry for about six years whilst studying in England. The group is made up of 3 members, two dynamic and exciting rappers Ladi Ladinegan aka Fresh L, Teni Zaccheaus aka TeeZee and singer Bolaji Odojukan aka Boj.
As at last year December 'Christmas break' while the group was in Nigeria, they began getting bookings for a variety of shows including: Industry night at the Oriental Hotel, Harbor Point, and Boat Club, Lagos. After about 10 shows and numerous collaborations with already established artists in the Nigerian industry such as Adey, Davido & SDC, they decided to take the same momentum form back to the UK. January 2012 came & they went ahead to upload their first web presence on tumblr (, the site had over 10,000 views in its first week and by the second month it had attracted 40,000 views(Numbers don't lie)and till date it has over 130,000 hits.
And February came, whichsaw the group stage their first showcase in Notting Hill London, where over 300 hundred fans and supporters showed up to watch the trio take to the stage performing some of their well known tracks such as "Swagga Mi Gbono", "Toyin", and "Gra Gra". They also went ahead to perform at the Afrogala (an annual African society event that attracts hundreds of students) hosted in Imperial College. The show subsequently earned them another two bookings in the same month. This was followed with a five-track EP release, which has gradually been invading the Capital of London. The EP has also been handed out across England and in Nigeria as a free promotional tool.
Their first official single titled 'Toyin' produced by the award winning Nigerian producer, DJ Caise from Chocolate City Records was also released. The song received over 25,000 downloads in one month which now airs on several radio stations in Nigeria including BeatFM, KissFM, and Rhythm alongside others. The single showcases the boy's unique style of blending the English language and accent with the Yoruba language and Nigerian street slang, also demonstrating their humorous side to tell a story driven by the distinctive rap style of TeeZee and Fresh L. Singer Boj is not left out as he provides that fantastic hook in the chorus that every song needs which has become a signature trait on most of their songs.
Then came the month of April which kicked off with 2 shows outside London (Manchester) along with bookings for an ACS University Ball in Sheffield and an appearance at a party in Reading. The group also got their first international booking for a show in Canada where they performed alongside Nigerian artist Davido. As the single "Toyin" continued to dominate in Nigeria, DRB were presented with an offer for a mobile initiative in Lagos (starfishmobile) who wish to license the song for ringtones. With plans in place for the premier of the "Toyin" video and single to be released (but this time for the for the online purchasing market), and more booking offers coming in from Nigeria and the UK, the summer of 2012 is shaping up to be a successful international roller coaster for the trio… justifying the hook line on one of their infectious singles.
By miloungemediagroup"


New Music/ Video: Antenna- Fuse ODG

published on Thursday, 30 August 2012

It's fussssseeee!!! One of the main guy behind the whole Azonto movement/dance is back on TTV with Antenna produced by KillBeatz. I like the track but particularly love the video! It's good to see a plus-sized guy quick on his feet!

Download & enjoy;



New Music: Chocolate (Remix)-Dr. Sid ft. Falz!

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Mavin Records Presents the remix of Dr.Sid's track; Chocolate featuring badguyz Falz. The track was produced by Studio Magic.


Davido Officially Signs 'Sina Rambo' to HKN Records!

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I keep forgetting to tell y'all that Davido has finally signed Sina Rambo (his cousin and side kick) to HKN records! It happened yesterday! Congrats to Sina Rambo!

Updates on the LUTH fire!

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A mystery fire razed the Direct Observation Therapy Centre for Tuberculosis of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital in Idi Araba, Lagos, today. The fire was said to have been caused by an electric spark. The fire raged for over an hour while fire fighters were said to have responded after a number of distress calls were made.

Attempts to obtain comments from senior officials of LUTH did not succeed as they did not respond to calls to their phones.

More details later.

-The Punch!

Paralympics: Nigeria wins powerlifting gold medal, sets new world record!

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Nigeria got off to a bright start at the 2012 Paralympic Games in London on Thursday by winning a gold medal and setting a new world record.

World record holder Yakubu Adesokan won the gold medal in the men's +48 kg powerlifting on Day One of competition at the ExCel – South Arena 3 by lifting 180 kg.

He thus set a new Paralympic and world record to help erase memories of his country's dismal per

formances at the Olympic Games at the same venue a few weeks ago.

The 33-year-old Nigerian had on Feb. 22, 2012 in Dubai, the UAE set the world record of 177 kg.

Nigeria's Ruel Ishaku had also held the Paralympic record of 169 kg set on Sept. 9, 2008 at the last Games in Beijing, China.

This time around, Adesokan had started off in Group A of the 11-lifter event, and emerged the best after three attempts by each competitor.

He first lifted 172 kg, and then 178 kg, before lifting a record-setting 180 kg.

Vladimir Balynetc of Russia won the event's silver medal with a lift of 170 kg, while Taha Abdelmagid of Egypt won the bronze with a lift of 165 kg.

-The Punch

Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola’s Twitter account verified!

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BRF is the first Nigerian governor to have his twitter account verified though the Ekiti State Government's Twitter account was however verified a few months ago.

Adele is Married!

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Adele is married! Yaaaay!

Her ex-boyfriend won't be feeling cool atm!

Apparently it was a secret wedding! Adele and her boyfriend, Simon Konecki are expecting their first child and decided to get married secretly!

Adele Adkins has become Adele Konecki!

Fire In LUTH!!

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So I just heard that the Children's Emergency Ward at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) is burning! Apparently patients are stuck in there but the fire trucks are on their way!

More details soon!

Exposed: Married Bank Manager's secret lover posts her nude pictures!

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Imagine what was trending on twitter, yesterday night?! A Married Bank Manager's "yansh" was blown open by her secret lover! Read the gory details from Information Nigeria below;

"I must say that I am first of all shocked to the marrows that a married woman and career lady will be so careless as to send nudé pictures of herself to her lover, for whatever reason, it is the height of indiscretion and infidelity.
What drives married couples to become unfaithful in their relationship? Moreso, if you look at the pictures closely, you will notice that the background looks like that of an office. If the woman is eventually identified, what becomes of her job? Her reputation? Forget about her marriage- it's past tense except her husband is from Mars.
Apparently, this is a case of a love tale gone sour. The details are sketchy as to who released the photos but it certainly is not the woman at the centre of the storm which leaves her alleged lover as suspect. There is no justification for any man no matter the offence to release nudé photos of his ertswhile lover or girlfriend to the general public. She sent it to you in confidence and with the belief that it is meant FYEs only. If you have such photos in your possession, soft or hard copy after break-up, why not permanently delete or shred it instead of playing childish and stupid by releasing it online or elsewhere? What if that were your mother, sister or niece?
Ladies, beware! Stop sending nudé pictures of yourself to your boyfriend, lover or even keeping same on your phone or computer because you never know who might see it and decide to 'expose' or blackmail you at the slightest opportunity. A word they say, is sufficient for the wise."


Amber Rose is pregnant!

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The Wiz'ber future story has begun! Amber Rose is pregnant and she and Wiz Khalifa might get married sooner than expected!

A source told Radar Online: 'Amber and Wiz unexpectedly got pregnant, but they're really happy to be starting a family together. Amber's already had to make some big lifestyle changes, like not smoking cigarettes anymore. As a model she's used to having a thin waist, so this is going to be an adjustment for her.'

Too happy for them!

Pictures from Teju Babyface & Tobi Banjoko's engagement ceremony!

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Teju and Tobi's traditional wedding went down today at Ten Degrees Centre, Billingsway.

Pictures from LIB!

Picture of the day: Mrs Stephanie Linus!

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Pictures from Eva's Birthday Party!

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Hundreds of Nigerian students face deportation from UK

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Hundreds of Nigerian students in London face deportation as London Metropolitan University has had their right to admit foreign students revoked.

Many of the international students speak of their deportation worries if not able to find a sponsor within 60 days, reports.

"Some people come from poorer backgrounds… parents have sold their homes or land and made huge sacrifices to get them here,' says London Met student facing deportation.

Lilian Owhor, 20, from Nigeria, is about to start her second year reading forensic science.

She said, "I'm really worried because this is my future. 

"I have come in today to get my transcripts, as I will have to see if I can transfer to another university.

"I haven't been very happy since yesterday. My friends have told me to have hope. 

"The university have said they would help us. I contacted them yesterday before the final decision was announced but I haven't spoken to anyone yet today. 

"I haven't told my parents. I am just hoping I don't have to go back to Nigeria. My fees are around £11,000 per year. I have already spent a lot of money on my education here."

Emmanuel Egwu, 24 from Nigeria is the international student officer at the university's student union and about to begin his third year reading forensic science. 

He said, "I have lost my job, not just my place at this university. I came over here in 2009 and I have invested a huge amount in this university. 

"My role within the Union means I represent the students affected. More than 2,600 students studying here are about to face two options: they can look for another place in another university or they can leave. 

"People have been ringing me all morning from their homes in Nigeria and India asking me what they should do. I have to explain to them that they have to stay calm and they can call whenever they need me.

"They will receive a letter from UKBA who will tell them they have 60 days to find a solution. 

"This is devastating, some people come from poorer backgrounds and their parents have sold their homes or land and made huge sacrifices to get them here. 

"I'm feeling very bitter. I can't believe that they can do this to international students. It poses a serious threat to UK higher education." 

Egwu said the students affected were planning to meet with the vice chancellor of the university laterThursday (today). 

"We'll see what he has to say," he added. 

He said they also hope to plan a peaceful protest. 

Syed Rumman, 26, graduated from the university last year. He studied law and is now the vice president of education at the student union and student governor of the university.

He said: "I require a T4 visa to work for the university so I will have to leave my job.

"I'm angry, I'm devastated, I'm speechless but on the other hand this is a wider issue, because this is the first time that T4 sponsorship places have been revoked at a UK university. 

"There are lots of questions in my mind. 

"But on a practical level, where are all these students going to go? You see on the news that people doing their A-Levels have found it hard to go to the universities they want to go to. 

"I just don't know what is going to happen. It's in the middle of their studies, some of them will be submitting research projects of the summer, things will be unfinished. It's a bombshell."

London Metropolitan University's HTS status was suspended last month while UKBA examined alleged failings.

A statement posted on the university's website Wednesday night reads, "The implications of the revocation are hugely significant and far-reaching, and the university has already started to deal with these. It will be working very closely with the UKBA, Higher Education Funding Council for England, the NUS and its own Students' Union.

"Our absolute priority is to our students, both current and prospective, and the university will meet all its obligations to them."

The NUS on Wednesday contacted Prime Minister David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May to "express anger at the way decisions have been made in recent weeks and to reiterate the potentially catastrophic effects on higher education as a £12.5 billion per year export industry for the UK."

NUS president Liam Burns said, "It is disgusting that international students continue to be used as a political football by politicians who seem either incapable of understanding, or are simply uncaring about the impact of their decisions on individuals, universities and the UK economy.

"This decision will create panic and potential heartbreak for students not just at London Met but also all around the country.

"Politicians need to realise that a continued attitude of suspicion towards international students could endanger the continuation of higher education as a successful export industry.

"This heavy-handed decision makes no sense for students, no sense for institutions and no sense for the country. This situation and the botched process by which the decision was arrived at could be avoided if international students were not included in statistics of permanent migrants."

A UKBA spokesman said, "London Metropolitan University's licence to sponsor non-EU students has been revoked after it failed to address serious and systemic failings that were identified by the UK Border Agency six months ago.

"We have been working with them since then, but the latest audit revealed problems with 61 per cent of files randomly sampled. Allowing London Metropolitan University to continue to sponsor and teach international students was not an option.

"These are problems with one university, not the whole sector. British universities are among the best in the world – and Britain remains a top class destination for top class international students.

"We are doing everything possible, working with Universities UK, to assist genuine students that have been affected."

Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said the move could harm Britain's reputation as a prime destination for overseas students.