DJ Tee Denies stabbing Salawa Abeni's son!

published on Friday, 29 June 2012

So today, a good friend supplied me with gist that DJ Tee stabbed Salawa Abeni's son; Alvin Tolani Osungade in the face with a bottle last night on the set of a video shoot at Daily Times Factory Ikeja. The freaky thing is that 3 of the Osungade siblings almost lost their lives last night.
DJ Tee AKA Adetokunbo Odubawo, allegedly stabbed Alvin and assaulted his two siblings. The 19yr old Alvin better known by his stage name TLboi had gone to support an upcoming artiste; Malcolm's video shoot with his two siblings; 22-year-old Dolapo aka Deeking and younger sister, 17 year-old Mobolaji.

According to what I heard, everything was fine until DJ Tee asked for those who were to appear in the video shoot; including Tolani and Dolapo, to move to the set while the others out of shooting range. Dolapo's girlfriend who wasn't supposed to be in the shoot stayed on set.

An eye witness; O'tuga Suzzie, a witness and family friend to the Osungade's tweeted late last night that; this angered DJ Tee and he rudely told her to get out, "He started screaming for her to get out, calling her bitch and stuff".

According to TheNetNg, Dolapo, got angry and tried to caution DJ Tee, but he slapped dolapo and and asked his boys who were also at the shoot to beat him up. They allegedly started to beat him and his sister Mobolaji screamed and watched and DJ Tee asked his boys to beat her up too. As Tolani tried to intervene in the whole matter, DJ Tee approached Dolapo to stab him with a bottle he just broke. Alvin intervened and DJ Tee stabbed him in the face. He then had them all thrown out of the factory and continued with the shoot. Tolani is now receiving treatment at the Ikeja Medical Centre.

But the top music director has been telling everyone that he didn't stab Alvin. According to him, Alvin who is an upcoming artist, slapped him after an argument and some of his guys pounced on him. Alvin smashed a bottle against hard metal above their heads, it shattered and the pieces cut him and DJ Tee. This is apparently how he got the injury in the picture.

Here's DJ Tee's tweet;

"Bro, I did not stab you…….why are people saying I picked up a bottle & stabbed you with it on your face". DJ Tee tweeted at Alvin.

"He [Alvin[ was an extra on shoot I did today, its long story anyway he smashed a bottle against hard metal above our head. The bottle shattered and cut me and him….broken pieces that was shattered around us. The stabbing thingy was not true… was shattered broken pieces anyway. It's all good", @DJTee explains as he tweeted at bloggers Twitter handles.

Alvin is yet to give his own side of the story but his sister confirms that DJ Tee actually stabbed him.

Who do we now believe?