Davido's pride; shut with a dirty slap!

published on Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Lmaoooo! Davido won't kill me!

Asa Asika, Shina Rambo and B-red should better do something fast!

Word on the street now's that Davido got slapped by the police while he was in Abuja for the Nokia Rap Battle. Going by the latest gist at our disposal, Davido might need to watch the way he talks to people.

I don't know how true the whole story is but I was told that Davido and other popular artistes were invited for the recently concluded Nokia Rap Battle show by a fast rising music producer/manager; Nosa.

After the show, Davido was apparently drunk to stupor and insisted on leaving in a friend's car instead of the one that brought him, and other top artistes and crew from the hotel. Nosa being his host had to drive behind them.

As if Davido wasn't enough trouble, from what I heard, they were stopped by some military men for the routine check especially at that time of the night. I was also told that Davido then jumped out of the car and started boasting, shouting; "don't you know me, what the fuck is wrong with you guys?…". His pride must have really vexed one of the Mopol officers as he slapped Davido real hard while he was still ranting and boasting. He was also threatened with a gun to shut up. Davido was immediately rushed back into the car by Nosa and his friend. They pleaded with the policemen stating that he's actually a popular musician.
You would then think that the story must have ended there, but it didn't. Davido still angry did not hesitate to "change it for" Nosa immediately they got back to the hotel. I was told that he went as far as telling him to shut up and not to talk when he's talking,or else he would slap him the way the Mopol treated him.

Nosa, I heard, just walked away.

If this is true though, Davido should really be careful!