9ice's ex-wife; Toni Payne to launch a new reality TV show!!!

published on Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Y'all remember Toni Payne now? 9ice's ex-wife? Well she has launched a new reality TV show that'll show us her life as in her own words; "a Public Relations Executive, Entertainment Consultant, Online Radio Owner, Socialite, Makeup Brand Owner and Mother."

Anything to be and remain in the spotlight! 9ice watch out! Your ex's about to outshine you! Lol!

"My ChamPayne Life" airs on
STV Monday 2pm
TVC Wednesday 6:30pm
DBN LAGOS Tuesday 11pm & Saturday 9:30pm
ITV Abuja Tuesday 6:30pm
ITV BENIN Thursday 10:30pm
BCOS IBADAN Friday 10pm, Tuesady 9am
ESTV ENUGU Wednesday 10:30pm
DBS ASABA Tuesday 10:30pm
MBI Obosi Saturday 10:30pm

and according to the producers of the show, the show is "coming soon to MNET, UK and USA.".

Do you think the show; "Toni Payne: My ChamPayne Life" will be a hit?