published on Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Oluwatimilehin Ajayi AKA TIMIX returned to JK to offer an exclusive interview. He spoke about his new mixtape; "mixed breed" dropping March 1st,the special woman in his life, his new video for "planB" and managing his life between countries. Enjoy!

JK. This is not your first time on JK. And its great to have you back! Tell me, career-wise what has or is changing about timix?

TIMIX: Glad to be back home. A lot has changed for me personally. From getting into the university to pushing out the mixtape,videos to interviews and so on; I've found that I have grown mentally and apparently it reflects in all my latest materials.

JK. What has changed in your personal life that you would want your fans and the entirety of the public to know about?

TIMIX: Well, um...I juggle in and out of Nigeria because of school, sadly, but it's the price to pay for music

JK. You had the listening party for your upcoming mixtape; MIXEDBREED; boxing day last year. What was the reception like? How did your guests react to the tracks?

TIMIX: Yes, shout out to LooseKaynon for hosting. It was fabolous! Also the likes of phenom, jberg, pasha and many were present to show support.
At first I was sceptical about wat that crowd would like, cuz people say am a "different" breed of rapper, but as I got on stage and did wat I do best - rap, the feedback was impressive, and it goes to show that it's important to do YOUR own thing and watch people tag along for who you are and nt who ur tryna be. Shouts out to my loud friends that showed up!! Mo Wa Loke !!

JK. What do you think the general public will think about the mixtape when it drops; march 1st?

TIMIX: March 1st !! I think people would chorus a great sigh of relief from the "popular rap" out there now. The mixtape is themed "Old School + New school" hence #Mixedbreed and so I'm assured they would love it's versatility ! There's something in there for everyone (smiles)

JK. Let's talk about the video for planB for a while,what was the inspiration behind the concept of the video! 'Cause I saw Tena and Kemi in there, (laughs).

TIMIX: (laughs). Yeah. Well first, the song plan B was and is about "the struggle of life" we all share. teenage director Dami Okulaja, my very good friend shot the video and came up wif the concept
As I spoke about being my mother's Plan B in life (even though she doesn't need a one), Kemi (also my very good friend) played the role of a girl who was at the verge of abortion but stayed strong to deliver a baby, her plan b.

JK. One would have thought,Kemi and Tena's part to be a good concept for the video of the track; Just Close Your eyes,why use it for PlanB?

TIMIX: That's an interesting perspective, but just close your eyes has an even classier story line in my head, hopefully we get to shoot a video for it. Shouts out to Dr. Tenpo in the plan B video. (Laughs). My wingman.

JK. Your Hero remix was also squeezed in. Tell us why.

TIMIX: Damie insisted that people had to hear the rugged MC-ing side of timix. And from feedback I've got thus far.... That image was conveyed.

JK. There are 20 tracks on the mixtape. One would expect for an upcoming artiste,not so many tracks. Why 20?

TIMIX: Well it's a mixtape. I was brought up listening to mixtapes of over 20 songs, can u blame me? Plus this mix means a lot to me, as it's my 1st and I put heart in it... It was inevitable, people have to hear the stories. (Smiles)

JK. The name of the mixtape; MIXEDBREED,where did it come from?

TIMIX: Like I said earlier, "you don't sound entirely new school to me" - I get that a lot. Also I was keen on bringing back old flavour in the mixtape. And after much deliberating on a name, I realised the obvious : #MixedBreed. A fused breed of rap is wat I am, and the mixtape shows it.

JK. I personally love PlanB,I know the lyrics by heart. Its really touching. What was your inspiration?

TIMIX: Aaaw, thank you. It's one of my favorites as well. Um, I was listening to my guy's ipod one time and this beat came up...when I heard it, it's like voices around me went mute and for once in a long time I could reflect on the matters that troubled my heart and not just cover em up with alcohol and laughter. I heard the song at the start of a school day and recorded it in class after school. (Laughs), best times mehn

JK. I also love Just close your eyes,with the catchy chorus,this track,PlanB,Jazzy and In due time are the tracks closest to your heart,tell us why...

TIMIX: Yeah. It's pretty obvious, if one listens to all those songs at a go... You start to reflect, you might mellow, you might get motivated and this is why I do what I do, because I want to be relevant to myself and people. The songs got me through some steep times. Shouts out to Smyl for producing.

JK. Out of all the party tracks; Make We Go,Yellow Sisi,Shakara,Would not let Go; which of them do you think would really rock the clubs and radio stations?

TIMIX: Hmmm.... Na. War be that !! Personally I say yellow sisi, but I'm weird with club music so you mightt feel otherwise.

JK.In the track, Politikilling, you really went in on them politicians and elders,and that takes courage. Why did you record the track and what was your inspiration?

TIMIX: funny enough I recorded that song years ago, even before the whole fuel subsidy removal incidence - the irony! But I think I'm justified. Don't they hear the cries? dint they see the signs of chaos? don't they now see the chaos? Heartless is all I can say. How are yu an elder if u can't feed the young. That's why I recorded that song. Shout out to VenomousOfMicworx for the inspiration and production, also to beatboxx ent. for coming through on the track.

JK. BRA (Best Rapper Alive) showed us your views on your rap skills. Every rapper seems to think they are the best. What makes you different from the rest?

TIMIX: Smashing beat there, shouts out to Nod factory! I've heard people say "who is this guy to claim best rapper alive" - I just laugh. If I dint think I could ever be the best rapper alive, I would have stayed at home with video games and not gone to the studio! I think it, I say it, that's the rap culture. It's the intro of the mixtape, listen and I hope you find points to prove timix' difference. (Wide grin)

JK. I heard you now have a steady girlfriend. How true is that? Because I'm sure the girls would definitely like to know.

TIMIX: (laughs). Here we go again. Like I said the last time; Timix hasn't got any girlfriend. Any girls who sees this and thinks I've denied them...(Covering face) I'm sorry sweeties (blowing kisses). But hey, timi can flirt !! (Laughs)

JK. So no girl inspired the tracks; Quit playing ft. 5mics and E be like say?

TIMIX: (laughing hard). Wow JK, you are good.

(General laughter)

TIMIX (Contd.): Not exactly, those were fictional but the track 'In due time' had elements of one of my first girlfriends in high school that played a major role in starting up my music. Go listen to that song (smiles)

JK. After MIXEDBREED,what next?

TIMIX: Mehn, it's takeover from there. I've got classy videos to shoot, shows and appearances to uphold and the quest for a Record Deal that suits me. As for the later future future, if you get me, I've got an entertainment establishment to run, lives to change, and family and friends to love (smiles), that includes you hun.

JK. Is Timix going to drop the huge hair anytime soon? Or is that going to be your signature look?

TIMIX: (Laughs). Life is long. In my mind, I really don't see my hair going no where. It might change looks occassionally buh naah. Not change.

JK. How do you mix life in London with life in Nigeria,in terms of your career and publicity?

TIMIX: Not as hard as I thought it would be actually, except the flight tickets (rolling eyes), thanks to technology and friends. All I can say is it would only get easier.

JK. Before my final question, a lot of people know your mother is of great essence to you. Tell JK and your fans especially about the role your mother plays in your life,your career and why she really is very important and close to your heart.

TIMIX: Well, asides from the mother role, she has always been one of my friends, we'd share ALL info together. At age 6 I even knew her salary (laughs). So to have that kind of friend support my music is the best feeling. And my lazy self sometimes fails to believe in me, but she reminds me EVERY time. So yh... my mother.

JK. Fiinally, I know this would not be your last time on JK,but before then, what are you going to promise JK? What will be different by your next interview? Where do you think timix will be then?

TIMIX: Hmm, that you wold start the iinterview by saying ..."He needs no introduction, timix...." . Say amen (big grin)

(Chorused AMEN)