ROOFTOP MCs return with; ‘SERIES’ !!!!!

published on Monday, 27 February 2012

Rooftop MCs are back. To prepare everybody for their next album titled CROSSEYED: Minority Report 2 (to be released in September), the duo are set to release their first mixtape.

The mixtape is titled "SERIES:season one". The concept is to take Popular TV series and in some cases sample the theme music & use it to tell a story.

The mixtape will be released by dropping a new song every Sunday in the coming month of March through the group's official twitter handle @rtmcsupdates, Facebook fanpage (Rooftop-MCs), blogs and social media networks using the Hashtag #SeriesSundays. The complete mixtape will however drop on the first Sunday in April. Production on the mixtape is fr by UK based producer Shabach Nwaname of Beautiful Soundz.

Rooftop MCs however apologise for keeping their fans waiting but then,we all know, it takes time to build something great!!