From The Eyes Of A Nigerian Teenager 10!!

published on Wednesday, 29 February 2012


........I stood there staring at Paul and yes, of cause; he was staring right back! I didn't say anything, I couldn't. I walked to my dressing table, sat in front of the mirror, removing my makeup and taking off my jewellery. From the mirror I could see Paul sitting up on the bed behind me. I saw him about to say something and I knew if I didn't defend myself, he would attack me. "I can explain"; I muttered! And he went; "so tell me,what's your explanation?"

It was there and then it dawned on me that Paul wasn't my father. I didn't have to explain anything to him. He never explained any of his mysterious outings to me,even though I knew deep down in my heart that he was cheating! I just sat in front of the mirror removing my makeup, trying to weigh down the irritation moving up and down my spine, just at the sight of Paul! Demi came into my mind,the sweet gentleman! I couldn't help but smile as I thought of him!

I was snapped right back to reality by Paul's grip on my neck. He was going to choke me if I didn't give my explanation. And me,trying to be stubborn, kept quiet! He squeezed my neck,and his grip kept getting tighter. I reached for my phone, there was no time to dial a number,so I clicked on redial. In a bid to push Paul away for me,the phone dropped. Demi was on the other end of the line,hearing me scream and shout for Paul to live me alone.

After 15minutes of struggle with Paul; some cult boys broke into my room and beat the living daylight (actually night! X_X lol) out of him. At first I wanted to stop them,I loved him,but then I didn't because it was obvious he didn't love me enough or even at all for him to choke me! The cult boys took Paul out of my room to finish their business elsewhere.

In walked Demi, with that caring, suggestive smile! He took me in his arms and hugged me. Took me towards the dressing table,where the bedside lamp was to check my whole body for bruises. When he saw there was none,he put me in bed and tucked me in. He sat there waiting for me to fall asleep and then I closed my eyes.

I'm sure you're wondering why I was silent all through. Omo as soon as I saw Demi I started exclaiming in my mind that I was dead. In my mind I went; "Mo ku, mo gbe, mo daran!!! I went out with a cultist". Though I wasn't sure. He didn't mention that to me,but how did he get them to help beat up Paul? How? I lay on my bed with my eyes shut,aware of Demi's presence,thinking to myself.........

"Was Demi a cultist???"

(All "From The Eyes Of a Nigerian Teenager" stories are fiction and not based on reality)