From The Eyes Of A Nigerian Teenager 10!!

published on Wednesday, 29 February 2012


........I stood there staring at Paul and yes, of cause; he was staring right back! I didn't say anything, I couldn't. I walked to my dressing table, sat in front of the mirror, removing my makeup and taking off my jewellery. From the mirror I could see Paul sitting up on the bed behind me. I saw him about to say something and I knew if I didn't defend myself, he would attack me. "I can explain"; I muttered! And he went; "so tell me,what's your explanation?"

It was there and then it dawned on me that Paul wasn't my father. I didn't have to explain anything to him. He never explained any of his mysterious outings to me,even though I knew deep down in my heart that he was cheating! I just sat in front of the mirror removing my makeup, trying to weigh down the irritation moving up and down my spine, just at the sight of Paul! Demi came into my mind,the sweet gentleman! I couldn't help but smile as I thought of him!

I was snapped right back to reality by Paul's grip on my neck. He was going to choke me if I didn't give my explanation. And me,trying to be stubborn, kept quiet! He squeezed my neck,and his grip kept getting tighter. I reached for my phone, there was no time to dial a number,so I clicked on redial. In a bid to push Paul away for me,the phone dropped. Demi was on the other end of the line,hearing me scream and shout for Paul to live me alone.

After 15minutes of struggle with Paul; some cult boys broke into my room and beat the living daylight (actually night! X_X lol) out of him. At first I wanted to stop them,I loved him,but then I didn't because it was obvious he didn't love me enough or even at all for him to choke me! The cult boys took Paul out of my room to finish their business elsewhere.

In walked Demi, with that caring, suggestive smile! He took me in his arms and hugged me. Took me towards the dressing table,where the bedside lamp was to check my whole body for bruises. When he saw there was none,he put me in bed and tucked me in. He sat there waiting for me to fall asleep and then I closed my eyes.

I'm sure you're wondering why I was silent all through. Omo as soon as I saw Demi I started exclaiming in my mind that I was dead. In my mind I went; "Mo ku, mo gbe, mo daran!!! I went out with a cultist". Though I wasn't sure. He didn't mention that to me,but how did he get them to help beat up Paul? How? I lay on my bed with my eyes shut,aware of Demi's presence,thinking to myself.........

"Was Demi a cultist???"

(All "From The Eyes Of a Nigerian Teenager" stories are fiction and not based on reality)


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Oluwatimilehin Ajayi AKA TIMIX returned to JK to offer an exclusive interview. He spoke about his new mixtape; "mixed breed" dropping March 1st,the special woman in his life, his new video for "planB" and managing his life between countries. Enjoy!

JK. This is not your first time on JK. And its great to have you back! Tell me, career-wise what has or is changing about timix?

TIMIX: Glad to be back home. A lot has changed for me personally. From getting into the university to pushing out the mixtape,videos to interviews and so on; I've found that I have grown mentally and apparently it reflects in all my latest materials.

JK. What has changed in your personal life that you would want your fans and the entirety of the public to know about?

TIMIX: Well, um...I juggle in and out of Nigeria because of school, sadly, but it's the price to pay for music

JK. You had the listening party for your upcoming mixtape; MIXEDBREED; boxing day last year. What was the reception like? How did your guests react to the tracks?

TIMIX: Yes, shout out to LooseKaynon for hosting. It was fabolous! Also the likes of phenom, jberg, pasha and many were present to show support.
At first I was sceptical about wat that crowd would like, cuz people say am a "different" breed of rapper, but as I got on stage and did wat I do best - rap, the feedback was impressive, and it goes to show that it's important to do YOUR own thing and watch people tag along for who you are and nt who ur tryna be. Shouts out to my loud friends that showed up!! Mo Wa Loke !!

JK. What do you think the general public will think about the mixtape when it drops; march 1st?

TIMIX: March 1st !! I think people would chorus a great sigh of relief from the "popular rap" out there now. The mixtape is themed "Old School + New school" hence #Mixedbreed and so I'm assured they would love it's versatility ! There's something in there for everyone (smiles)

JK. Let's talk about the video for planB for a while,what was the inspiration behind the concept of the video! 'Cause I saw Tena and Kemi in there, (laughs).

TIMIX: (laughs). Yeah. Well first, the song plan B was and is about "the struggle of life" we all share. teenage director Dami Okulaja, my very good friend shot the video and came up wif the concept
As I spoke about being my mother's Plan B in life (even though she doesn't need a one), Kemi (also my very good friend) played the role of a girl who was at the verge of abortion but stayed strong to deliver a baby, her plan b.

JK. One would have thought,Kemi and Tena's part to be a good concept for the video of the track; Just Close Your eyes,why use it for PlanB?

TIMIX: That's an interesting perspective, but just close your eyes has an even classier story line in my head, hopefully we get to shoot a video for it. Shouts out to Dr. Tenpo in the plan B video. (Laughs). My wingman.

JK. Your Hero remix was also squeezed in. Tell us why.

TIMIX: Damie insisted that people had to hear the rugged MC-ing side of timix. And from feedback I've got thus far.... That image was conveyed.

JK. There are 20 tracks on the mixtape. One would expect for an upcoming artiste,not so many tracks. Why 20?

TIMIX: Well it's a mixtape. I was brought up listening to mixtapes of over 20 songs, can u blame me? Plus this mix means a lot to me, as it's my 1st and I put heart in it... It was inevitable, people have to hear the stories. (Smiles)

JK. The name of the mixtape; MIXEDBREED,where did it come from?

TIMIX: Like I said earlier, "you don't sound entirely new school to me" - I get that a lot. Also I was keen on bringing back old flavour in the mixtape. And after much deliberating on a name, I realised the obvious : #MixedBreed. A fused breed of rap is wat I am, and the mixtape shows it.

JK. I personally love PlanB,I know the lyrics by heart. Its really touching. What was your inspiration?

TIMIX: Aaaw, thank you. It's one of my favorites as well. Um, I was listening to my guy's ipod one time and this beat came up...when I heard it, it's like voices around me went mute and for once in a long time I could reflect on the matters that troubled my heart and not just cover em up with alcohol and laughter. I heard the song at the start of a school day and recorded it in class after school. (Laughs), best times mehn

JK. I also love Just close your eyes,with the catchy chorus,this track,PlanB,Jazzy and In due time are the tracks closest to your heart,tell us why...

TIMIX: Yeah. It's pretty obvious, if one listens to all those songs at a go... You start to reflect, you might mellow, you might get motivated and this is why I do what I do, because I want to be relevant to myself and people. The songs got me through some steep times. Shouts out to Smyl for producing.

JK. Out of all the party tracks; Make We Go,Yellow Sisi,Shakara,Would not let Go; which of them do you think would really rock the clubs and radio stations?

TIMIX: Hmmm.... Na. War be that !! Personally I say yellow sisi, but I'm weird with club music so you mightt feel otherwise.

JK.In the track, Politikilling, you really went in on them politicians and elders,and that takes courage. Why did you record the track and what was your inspiration?

TIMIX: funny enough I recorded that song years ago, even before the whole fuel subsidy removal incidence - the irony! But I think I'm justified. Don't they hear the cries? dint they see the signs of chaos? don't they now see the chaos? Heartless is all I can say. How are yu an elder if u can't feed the young. That's why I recorded that song. Shout out to VenomousOfMicworx for the inspiration and production, also to beatboxx ent. for coming through on the track.

JK. BRA (Best Rapper Alive) showed us your views on your rap skills. Every rapper seems to think they are the best. What makes you different from the rest?

TIMIX: Smashing beat there, shouts out to Nod factory! I've heard people say "who is this guy to claim best rapper alive" - I just laugh. If I dint think I could ever be the best rapper alive, I would have stayed at home with video games and not gone to the studio! I think it, I say it, that's the rap culture. It's the intro of the mixtape, listen and I hope you find points to prove timix' difference. (Wide grin)

JK. I heard you now have a steady girlfriend. How true is that? Because I'm sure the girls would definitely like to know.

TIMIX: (laughs). Here we go again. Like I said the last time; Timix hasn't got any girlfriend. Any girls who sees this and thinks I've denied them...(Covering face) I'm sorry sweeties (blowing kisses). But hey, timi can flirt !! (Laughs)

JK. So no girl inspired the tracks; Quit playing ft. 5mics and E be like say?

TIMIX: (laughing hard). Wow JK, you are good.

(General laughter)

TIMIX (Contd.): Not exactly, those were fictional but the track 'In due time' had elements of one of my first girlfriends in high school that played a major role in starting up my music. Go listen to that song (smiles)

JK. After MIXEDBREED,what next?

TIMIX: Mehn, it's takeover from there. I've got classy videos to shoot, shows and appearances to uphold and the quest for a Record Deal that suits me. As for the later future future, if you get me, I've got an entertainment establishment to run, lives to change, and family and friends to love (smiles), that includes you hun.

JK. Is Timix going to drop the huge hair anytime soon? Or is that going to be your signature look?

TIMIX: (Laughs). Life is long. In my mind, I really don't see my hair going no where. It might change looks occassionally buh naah. Not change.

JK. How do you mix life in London with life in Nigeria,in terms of your career and publicity?

TIMIX: Not as hard as I thought it would be actually, except the flight tickets (rolling eyes), thanks to technology and friends. All I can say is it would only get easier.

JK. Before my final question, a lot of people know your mother is of great essence to you. Tell JK and your fans especially about the role your mother plays in your life,your career and why she really is very important and close to your heart.

TIMIX: Well, asides from the mother role, she has always been one of my friends, we'd share ALL info together. At age 6 I even knew her salary (laughs). So to have that kind of friend support my music is the best feeling. And my lazy self sometimes fails to believe in me, but she reminds me EVERY time. So yh... my mother.

JK. Fiinally, I know this would not be your last time on JK,but before then, what are you going to promise JK? What will be different by your next interview? Where do you think timix will be then?

TIMIX: Hmm, that you wold start the iinterview by saying ..."He needs no introduction, timix...." . Say amen (big grin)

(Chorused AMEN)



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First there was sonia,then there was the hacking issue and now people are faking celeb acounts to carry out acts of 419? What is wrong with Nigerians? If after reading those tweets you still don't know what I'm on about well then; a glorious human being created a fake account in Richard Mofe-Damijo's name with the handle "@RichardMofeD". RMD's actual twitter handle is "@RMofeDamijo".

This glorious being or twitter "impostor" as RMD calls him, was tweeting very harshly and even said something bad about 2face and Annie. The "impostor" even went as far as opening a fake facebook account too; imagine? RMD, his friends, beloved colleagues and fans with much effort reported the fake accounts and they now no longer exist.

What is it with the recent obsession? Please oh,I'm begging once again; free these celebrities! Hian!

"Industry Night was a major flop"-Onyeka Nwelue

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Who was at the last industry night with Wizkid? What did you think?
Well, Onyeka Nwelue, the CEO/Founder of Blues & Hills Consultancy thought it was crap!
Here's his statement;
"I just attended my last Industry Night at Oriental Hotel. I was told WizKid was to perform. Yes, he is one of my favourite Nigerian artistes and has shown that he is leading the team of extraordinary amazing young talents in the nation. I went with some friends. First, I was not really enthusiastic about going, because last time I went, I almost choked from the rings of smoke serenading the entire jampacked hall, which had almost all the Nigerian artistes in it.
From my understanding of what an Industry Night should be, the one done at Oriental Hotel is an absolute bull-crap, a complete failure and a caricature of some sort. It is funny how Nigerians can always copy stuff from the West and quickly bastardise it.
 It is annoying. Yet, I understand our frustration in trying so hard to be part of globalisation. However, our imbecility is such that maligns our self-gratification and the love for the black race, that particular race that is always trying to do what other races have done.
I know what an Industry Night is. It is not for college students. It is not for jobless people. It is for people who matter in the industry; it is a networking platform. How do we make things better in the industry we belong to? It is a place where the best minds meet to find innovative ways of making things work better in the society. What you see at Oriental Hotel every Wednesday is sham, useless gathering of show-offs! Yes, beautiful women in high-heeled shoes and college boys in very colourful clothes, coming to make sure they take photographs with celebrities.
There is just not one single person that comes to the Industry Night at Oriental Hotel that understands what the joke is all about. They sometimes assume they are coming for a birthday party or maybe, a special concert from one of the artistes hoping to promote his newly released single.
The question is: do they even understand what it is all about? Where are the record label owners? I know there are no record labels in Nigeria? Where are the representatives of management companies and where are the DJs and VJs? Where are the media representatives? They refused to answer these questions and you know what these guys did on Wednesday, the 22nd of February, 2012? They brought in some well-built men, called bouncers, to harass people at the entrance, collecting a fee of N2000 each. And I asked myself: 'For what?'
I remembered what a friend said in an sms to me: "The Industry Night is depressing." Yes, I agree with her now. It is and I don't advice anyone who wants to do something with his life to go there. You will leave, completely depressed with no idea what you might have achieved. Okay, I get the fact that WizKid is a big shot, but to pay that money to watch him monkey around on stage, when this was supposed to be a socialising platform, where people exchange cards to create more business opportunities and share affinities? Oh Jesus Christ, Nigerians are mad!
For those who have marked Wednesdays to always be at Oriental Hotel, I understand how jobless they must be. For the college students who make sure they come there in colourful clothes, I understand why you have to fail your exams and never attend classes on the following day. And for those artistes who come to show off and tend to intimidate people who are better than them financially, it is high time you understand that snubbing a fan doesn't make you special".

NEW MUSIC: Ikechukwu ft Omo Akin – Ifeoma!!!

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Ikechukwu drops  a new track called "Ifeoma" and it features Omo Akin, who also produced the track!
Download and enjoy! :)

RIP: James Iroha dies at 69!

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Veteran Nigerian actor/comedian, Chief James Akwari Iroha, popularly known as "Gringory"; his character in the tv show; "New Masquerade" has passed away.

His son posted a message on the actor's facebook page saying;

"Sept 1942 _ Feb 2012
Not long ago a man we have all come to love, a man that has made us laugh, a friend to all but will always be Dad to my little sister Ugonma, my brothers Chiemela, Uche, Kelechi and me passed on.
Chief James Udensi Akwari Iroha OON has passed on today.
May his cheerfull soul rest in the Lord

Akwari james Iroha ( for the family)."

James Iroha was only a few months away from his 70th birthday.

Before his death, Gringory was reported to be suffering from an eye ailment and had cried repeatedly for help to alleviate the situation. A few months ago, an interview with the actor wa published in the Saturday Sun. Iroha had complained of being poor, sick, and blind.

According to the interview, . Iroha could hardly afford the bills for medication to keep him in good health. 'I am almost begging for food; so I need money to pay my rent, buy my medicines and maybe repair my car', he said.

President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Segun Arinze, confirmed the tragic news. "We at AGN commiserate with his family. May God grant him eternal rest", Arinze's statement read.


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So here's the newest dish from sinzu's kitchen and it features rap star Vector! The track; Kitchen Street's a must-hear!
Download and Enjoy!!


published on Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I won't lie to you, this whole idea's just funny but then; :x lol! Tweetoracle's putting together a date for a very lucky winner of his trivia questions with controversial star actress; Tonto Dike! Even if you're not in Nigeria, your air fare will be paid for! Lol! The contest is causing a lot of noise on twitter! I just hope it turns out well! :)


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Chocolate City, is homebase to top names like M.I, Jesse Jagz, Iceprince, and Brymo.
A lot of youth, internationally and locally, have reached out to be signed to the label, in hopes of achieving their dreams due to the rapid growth of the label and increasing success of artist management  So far, Chocolate City has just male artistes under its umbrella. But in the bid to find a female artist, they found a young lady, full of energy and enthusiasm. After the label heads, Audu Maikori, and Paul Okeugo heard her songs, they decided to put her through the CC boot camp.

And automatically she became CC's first signed female artist. Her name's Pryse! Pryse is a talented Nigerian rapper who is eager to follow the footsteps of her fellow label mates in creating music that would not only entertain, but influence the public.  Born and raised in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Princess Esindu a.k.a Pryse, started rapping in church at the tender age of 10.  Pryse always knew she wanted to be a musician; encouraged by her family who own and run Frontline TV Studio in Port Harcourt, Pryse took a keen interest in entertainment.  Pryse knew she had to nurture her passion, so she went to study media in Nottingham, UK.  While in the UK, she took up writing her own songs, and co-producing with her older brother.  When asked who her influences are, Pryse lists, Jay Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, and M.I – it is precisely the admiration for M.I that led her to work her way to be signed by Chocolate City.  In an industry where female emcees are outnumbered by men, Pryse is sure she will keep the torch blazing for the young ambitious women out there.

When asked what it meant to be the first female signed to Chocolate City, Pryse had this to say " I thank God I've come this far, and I'm just happy its finally happened, and I'm ready to put in the work, so let's go. I'm ready to be a BOI (Bold Original Innovative)."


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I just love the cover of this magazine! What can I say? I'm a huge Omotola fan!!! This edition's out next month; March! Ask your vendor for 1!

Blessing Effiom-Egbe wants to sue Silverbird for N500 million! Will she win?

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I heard from some very reliable sources that former model, actress and producer, Blessing Effiom-Egbe, who produced the hit movie - 'Two Brides & a Baby' is suing Silverbird Cinemas to the tune of N500 million! 
According to Blessing, since the screening of her movie at Silverbird Cinemas, she is yet to receive a single kobo from her investment even though the movie was screened to packed halls in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt for over two months. 
Blessing said she was told the film had stopped screening in all cinemas of 13th of January only for her to discover it was not the case as the film continued to screen well into February! (the picture above shows a ticket for the movie showing even in February). She has contacted her lawyer and is suing Silverbird for N500 million naira. They are yet to respond to her.

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NEW MUSIC/NEW VIDEO: Bad Man Bad Girl- Becca ft. 2face Idibia!!!!

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Ghanaian star, Becca featured 2Face Idibia on a brand new track called 'Bad Man Bad Girl'.

The promo pictures for the song are hot. Let Annie catch tuface! Hehe! Anyway, the video was directed by Precision Media and was shot in Ghana earlier this month.

YOUTUBE video link:

4shared download link:


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Y'all remember Maytronomy right? He featured on Makiller's hit song; "ja lo koro"?? Well his new video for the track; "wetin you dey feel like" is out! The Effyzzie entertainment star's video was shot by Gambit pictures and the song was produced by D-TUNES. Enjoy!


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Former Governor of Delta State, James Ibori, today pleaded guilty to 10 counts of money laundering, fraud, conspiracy to defraud, and other offenses in a London court. He pleaded guilty to stealing over $250 million in public funds.
Britain's Department for International Development said today that Ibori "systematically stole funds" during his two terms as governor and deposited the money in bank accounts around the world. It says the money he stole was equal to $60 for every person in Delta state, and that the money could have provided education or clean water for more than 400,000 poor Nigerians. And they've promised that the money stolen by Ibori will be returned to Nigeria's poorest people.

With this plea, Ibori faces up to 10 years in a UK prison at his sentencing, which will happen after the trial ends. Goodluck and Goodbye!

(Culled from lindaikeji's blog)


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The dude's fast oh! Didn't he just separate from his wife, Katy Perry in December? The british dude still hasn't realised what he lost! It is well! But ahan, his new girlfriend is Mexican artist, Oriela Medellin Amieiro. Na wa oh!


published on Monday, 27 February 2012

So a few tweets popped up from Flavour a while back. The tweets we're not normal, they we're shocking. It came as a relief to find out that his twitter account had been hacked; or so we thought! The hackers identified themselves as hackers and have since made threats to hack tuface's twitter account and yahoo mail,wizkid's, bankyW's and a whole host of others. The hackers claimed to also have hacked Dbanj's account.
It's not clear right now what they want or if this is meant to be a joke or an evil act but its really not funny! People should free this celebs now,let them live their lives! First Sonia,now hackers! Na wa oh! What's the obsession really about?

ROOFTOP MCs return with; ‘SERIES’ !!!!!

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Rooftop MCs are back. To prepare everybody for their next album titled CROSSEYED: Minority Report 2 (to be released in September), the duo are set to release their first mixtape.

The mixtape is titled "SERIES:season one". The concept is to take Popular TV series and in some cases sample the theme music & use it to tell a story.

The mixtape will be released by dropping a new song every Sunday in the coming month of March through the group's official twitter handle @rtmcsupdates, Facebook fanpage (Rooftop-MCs), blogs and social media networks using the Hashtag #SeriesSundays. The complete mixtape will however drop on the first Sunday in April. Production on the mixtape is fr by UK based producer Shabach Nwaname of Beautiful Soundz.

Rooftop MCs however apologise for keeping their fans waiting but then,we all know, it takes time to build something great!!

"I am still just a child"-WILLOW SMITH; LMAO!!!!

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" RT @officialwillow : i am regular person.......For forget that.....nobody has a picture perfect life.....i am still just a child"

I'm sure you we're wondering at first why I had the "LMAO" in the headline. Lol! I'm not mean but look at that tweet! Home school must really not be working. The tweet was a reply to all the nasty comments and posts on blogs about her new bleached short hair!!
An advice for you willow; if you're just a child,act like a sane one, abeg!


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Who do you think was the best and also the worst dressed? Tell JK!